Melbourne faces Middle Eastern gang war: Teens, 16 and 18, shot in the legs in ‘targeted hit’ refuse to help police – after man linked to underworld figures was executed in the same suburb

There are fears Melbourne is on the precarious edge of a full-scale gangland war after […]

‘In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently’: Donald Trump Jr tells Hannity he met Russian lawyer because it was ‘opposition research’ as he insists his father knew nothing about it

Donald Trump Jr has conceded he ‘would have done things another way’ after it was […]

Sweating it out on the subway! Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers endure the first day of ‘summer of hell’ rush-hour commute as extensive repair work begins at Penn Station

Suburbanites all through New York City confronted a sweat-soaked excursion on Monday amid the principal […]