Bedbug epidemic that’s turning Great Britain into Great Bitten

By ARTHUR MARTIN Last refreshed at 23:27 30 September 2007 An scourge of blood suckers is clearing the nation, fuelled by air travel what’s more, hotter summers. Pervasions have taken off 500 per penny in the last two years, agreeing to bother control experts. Cities such as London what’s more, Manchester have taken the brunt […]

Council cuts speed camera budget because they are now ‘more about making money than saving lives’

Last refreshed at 22:45 29 September 2007 A chamber has sliced its subsidizing for speed cameras after asserting they had move toward becoming more about making cash than sparing lives. North Somerset Board has cut a third of its £300,000 commitment to the West of Britain Street Security Partnership, after griping the gathering had lost […]

Two leaders facing a moment of truth

Last refreshed at 08:36 30 September 2007 Election, election, election. In the event that Gordon Dark colored doesn’t press the catch for an harvest time survey after this most deliberately stage-managed of conferences, it may be seen as one of the greatest let-downs since the Great Old Duke of York walked his men to the […]

Taxpayers sponsor ‘bear-baiting’ Jeremy Kyle show

By PAUL REVOIR Last refreshed at 01:33 28 September 2007 Taxpayers’ money is supporting the Jeremy Kyle Show, depicted by a judge as “a human frame of bear-baiting”, it was uncovered last night. The Government training quango Learndirect has an publicizing bargain costing a few £500,000 a year for the questionable ITV programme. The disclosure […]

The Berber blondes of Morocco that have sparked Madeleine sightings

Last refreshed at 00:20 27 September 2007 Bouchra Benaissa’s bizarre colouring is typical of the Berber people who stay in the region where her family have lived for generations. They are abnormal among African individuals for having a strong blonde gene. Scroll down for more … About 19million Berbers live in Morocco, where they make […]

Prescott and Reid pocket 250 each for their views on Monday’s conference

Last refreshed at 23:51 25 September 2007 After a long time on six-figure compensations as bureau ministers, John Prescott what’s more, John Reid ought to scarcely be short of a weave or, on the other hand two. But recently it was uncovered that both had took about £250 from the BBC to give their sees […]

Drug addicts ‘deserve lottery cash as much as play groups’

By IAN DRURY Last refreshed at 00:56 25 September 2007 Drug addicts are just as meriting of National Lottery cash as volunteers who run play centres, one of the game’s managers said yesterday. The comments by the boss official of the Huge Lottery Fund, Stephen Dunmore, are certain to shock those who purchase tickets in […]

We don’t want our own bomb, insists Iranian president

Last refreshed at 22:45 23 September 2007 The pioneer of Iran last night conveyed his most grounded foreswearing however that his nation is building a atomic bomb. In a Television meet some time recently flying to New York, where he addresses the UN tomorrow, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad moreover demanded Iran was not heading for war […]

Northern Rock bosses don’t need mortgages on their palatial homes

By DANIEL BOFFEY Last refreshed at 23:49 22 September 2007 As Northern Rock’s 800,000 home credit clients tensely anticipate a choice on the future of their contract lender, the company’s affluent executives confront no such uncertainty. Land Registry reports gotten by this daily paper uncover that the executive what’s more, a grasp of senior administrators […]

‘Blunkett’s Bobbies’ are only fit to walk the beat

Last refreshed at 23:47 21 September 2007 ‘Blunkett’s Bobbies’ get as it were a division of the preparing given to their police colleagues. Recruits for the standard compel must pass physical wellness what’s more, restorative tests what’s more, learn crisis lifesaving what’s more, rescue. PCSOs are prepared in to begin with help what’s more, must […]