Your EU budget deal was no victory, Tories tell Cameron… as 5.8bn army of Euro diplomats is revealed

By James Chapman for the Every day Mail Updated: 08:37 BST, 1 November 2010 222 View comments Discontent among Tories over David Cameron’s financial plan bargain with the EU was laid exposed yesterday. Two thirds dismiss the Prime Minister’s assert that restricting next year’s financial plan increment to 2.9 per penny is a ‘big victory’, […]

Found: The scribbled notes on Shakespeare that prove Diana did pay attention in class …but discarded school book suggests maths was not among her gifts

By Mail on Sunday Journalist Updated: 10:26 BST, 31 October 2010 11 View comments She broadly depicted herself as ‘thick as two short planks’. However a school book disposed of by Princess Diana what’s more, found in a receptacle appears she did at minimum attempt hard in class. Notes scribbled by the adolescent Diana Spencer […]

A terrorist called Mumsy: The retired nurse who was the mastermind behind a vicious and ruthless IRA-style gang of animal rights fanatics

By Andrew Malone for the Day by day Mail Updated: 17:49 BST, 30 October 2010 43 View comments To her neighbors in Littlehampton, Sarah Whitehead was a pleasant, in the event that somewhat dotty, previous nurse. While encompassing homes in the West ­Sussex town were well-kept, the 52-year-old let her plant move toward becoming congested […]

BP and partner ‘knew of well flaws’ weeks before Gulf blast

By Victimize Davies for the Every day Mail Updated: 23:46 BST, 28 October 2010 5 View comments BP what’s more, its US temporary worker Halliburton knew the concrete work on the destined Macondo well was flawed weeks some time recently the deadly Deepwater Skyline blast on April 20, concurring to a presidential commission. Investigators analyzing […]

The hero in a kilt who tackled a Panzer division on his own! (and then accepted the surrender of 23,000 German soldiers)

By Tony Rennell for MailOnline Updated: 19:12 BST, 28 October 2010 11 View comments The covert English officer crawled quietly through the bushes, his plaid kilt a odd frame of dress for a man who did not need to be conspicuous. Then he halted to take in the amazing might of the enemy. Through the […]

Clarke hits greedy solicitors as he scraps no win, no fee deals

By Tim Shipman Updated: 08:05 BST, 27 October 2010 142 View comments No-win, no-fee bargains are to be rejected under a radical shake-up of the courts to stop ambulance-chasing legal counselors from getting the money for in on unimportant cases. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke declared recently that he will scrap lucrative victory charges which permit […]

The war next door: Horrific brutality of Mexican drug cartels ‘makes al Qaeda look tame’

By Day by day Mail Correspondent Updated: 14:07 BST, 25 October 2010 11 View comments For most Americans it is hard to get it the level of mercilessness devouring numerous districts in Mexico now. The level of viciousness between warring drug-trafficking cartels has been thought about to terrorism, with one previous DEA officer saying: ‘I […]

Coalition will survive Tory majority and Nick Clegg will remain as Deputy PM, says Cameron aide

By Simon Walters for The Mail on Sunday Updated: 14:00 BST, 24 October 2010 25 See remarks 25 View comments Cabinet Office Serve Francis Maude said the Coalition is a ‘bloody great thing’ Tory MPs were stunned recently after a senior associate to David Cameron recommended that Liberal Democrat pioneer Scratch Clegg will remain Agent […]

Will his wife ever forgive Bedsit Boris? After revelations of his latest affair, he’s existing on takeaway curries in a rented flat

By Geoffrey Impose for MailOnline Updated: 13:19 BST, 23 October 2010 21 View comments There is something massively touching about a jokester stowing away a broken heart, yet can anybody feel too bad for Boris Johnson? A few weeks ago, the philandering Chairman of London’s long-suffering wife, Marina, tossed him out of their house (though, […]