Gunman kills three in domestic dispute before shooting himself during a stand-off with police

Updated: 04:15 BST, 1 December 2010 View comments A man shot what’s more, slaughtered two ladies what’s more, another man today in eastern Missouri some time recently turning the handgun on himself in what police said was a residential dispute. Bonne Terre Police Boss Douglas Calvert said the anonymous shooter shot Derek Nash, 32, at […]

Dan Snow and Duke Of Westminster’s daughter wed in secret

By Richard Kay Updated: 10:42 BST, 30 November 2010 30 See remarks 30 View comments Just four months after I uncovered their secret romance, Television antiquarian Dan Snow what’s more, fabulous beneficiary Woman Edwina Grosvenor have subtly married. The couple — he is the child of previous Newsnight moderator Dwindle Snow, she is the little […]

Ahmadinejad blames U.S. ‘mischief’ for WikiLeaks dump and insists Arab nations are Iran’s friends

By Ian Drury for the Day by day Mail Updated: 08:19 BST, 30 November 2010 40 View comments Iran’s president expelled reports that Middle easterner pioneers needed the U.S. to assault his nation what’s more, demanded the neighboring nations were all friends. At a Monday press meeting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the most recent WikiLeaks […]

Oh man! Recession forces lesbian-only resort to open its doors to everyone (including guys) for the first time

By Day by day Mail Correspondent Updated: 15:21 BST, 28 November 2010 6 View comments Over this Thanksgiving weekend, Key West’s as it were lesbian-exclusive resort is going ‘all welcome’ for the to start with time. The choice was made open around the same time Pearl’s Rainbow resort was regarded in October by Curve, the […]

Dawn of the flexisexual: The new word for the women who refuse to play it straight

By Louise Eccles for the Day by day Mail Updated: 19:13 BST, 27 November 2010 76 View comments First there was that notorious on-stage kiss between Madonna what’s more, Britney Spears. Then Katy Perry sang that she kissed a young lady what’s more, she enjoyed it. Now a new word has been begat for the […]

Caged and bound for Britain: Factory-farmed monkeys are being shipped in their thousands to UK laboratories

By Danny Penman for MailOnline Updated: 00:37 BST, 26 November 2010 82 View comments The youthful monkey comes to frantically into the confine where his mate is trapped, pawing in perplexity at her delicate fur. She has been tricked by a delicious piece of sugar cane, what’s more, a trapdoor has pummeled close behind her. […]

The 23-mile high jump: Daredevil’s race to break sound barrier by leaping from the edge of space

By Zoe Brennan for the Day by day Mail Updated: 09:02 BST, 25 November 2010 9 View comments Teetering on the edge of his space container at 102,800ft above the earth, Colonel Joe Kittinger prepared himself for one of the most brave acts in history. It was morning, not however 7am, what’s more, lethally icy […]

Kate’s parents to help foot the bill: They could buy the dress or cake, but Queen and Charles will pay most

By Fay Schlesinger Created: 22:39 BST, 23 November 2010 110 View comments They come from a modest, middle-class background. Be that as it may it risen recently that Kate Middleton’s ‘extremely generous’ guardians will pay towards their daughter’s illustrious wedding to the second in line to the throne. After confronting the prospect of a national […]

Look what I found in the garage: New batteries, a little oil, and 1950s robot is ready to roll

By Paul Harris for the Day by day Mail Updated: 08:40 BST, 23 November 2010 5 View comments Back then, he must have been each housewife’s dream. It wasn’t just those steely great looks, or, on the other hand that broad, masculine chest. Not indeed the fiendish twinkle in his light-sensitive eyes. George the amazing, […]

Family fury over ‘slurs’ against husband of bride murdered in South Africa

By Ryan Kisiel for the Day by day Mail Updated: 08:56 BST, 22 November 2010 43 View comments Murdered: Shrien Dewani what’s more, his late spouse Anni The English businessperson whose lady of the hour was killed on their vacation in Cape Town is anticipated to return to the city ‘within days’. South African police […]