Spies get bonuses to halt Google poachers who pay three times as much as GCHQ

By Robert Verkaik for The Mail on Sunday Updated: 23:22 BST, 31 December 2011 42 View comments Spies working at the Government’s interchanges home office are being advertised rewards worth tens of thousands of pounds to stop them being poached by corporate goliaths such as Microsoft what’s more, Google. The move takes after objections made […]

The terrifying story of how a former French butcher earned millions from selling faulty breast implants made from mattress filling

By Steve Fledgling for the Day by day Mail Updated: 16:04 BST, 31 December 2011 19 View comments Scandal: Alexandra Blachere, who heads an affiliation of ladies with defective bosom implants Strong blasts of wind clearing in from the adjacent Mediterranean blow disposed of arrange shapes what’s more, restorative records over the litter-strewn site of […]

Germany and France lag behind Britain on foreign aid spending to poor countries

By Steve Doughty for the Every day Mail Updated: 07:47 BST, 30 December 2011 115 View comments France what’s more, Germany are slacking behind England on help spending to poor countries, a report says. Both nations have fizzled to hit EU targets what’s more, have scarcely expanded their spending in later months. Their hesitance to […]

Assistant principal arrested for ‘secretly videotaping school boys showering’

By Day by day Mail Correspondent Updated: 11:20 BST, 29 December 2011 1 View comments Accused: Patrick Lott is denounced of recording young men in the shower An collaborator center school essential what’s more, Catholic high school volunteer blamed of covertly recording adolescent young men as they showered at school. Patrick Lott, 54, of Somerville, […]

Woman gives kidney to husband of high school friend she hadn’t spoken to in 20 YEARS

By Every day Mail Correspondent Updated: 02:17 BST, 28 December 2011 2 View comments Allison Buell had not talked to her high school cohort Margaret Vazquez for two decades some time recently they reconnected weeks ago. But presently the two ladies will for eternity be associated – after Ms Buell, 42, given her kidney to […]

Minister tells us to give more money to charity… even though UK is world’s fifth most generous nation

By Daniel Martin for the Every day Mail Updated: 01:12 BST, 27 December 2011 218 View comments Churned up: Scratch Hurd MP assaulted the country for spending as much on cheddar as they do on charity A serve has called on the English individuals to disregard the credit crunch what’s more, give more cash to […]

Obama gets punched in the mouth… by a toddler! President poses with babies as he meets military families in Hawaii after taking the girls to church on Christmas day

By Day by day Mail Correspondent Updated: 07:57 BST, 26 December 2011 91 View comments President Barack Obama mixed his parts as a father what’s more, commander-in-chief this Christmas, trading presents what’s more, singing hymns with his family, at that point welcoming U.S. benefit individuals positioned at a Marine base in Hawaii. The president what’s […]

Talk about butterfingers… Moment a Chinese soldier almost kills himself with fluffed hand grenade practice

By Every day Mail Journalist Updated: 00:54 BST, 25 December 2011 72 View comments This is the hair-raising minute a Chinese warrior practically slaughtered himself after lightening hand projectile practice. Footage of the armed force preparing work out appears the officer getting ready the hand projectile to toss it under the vigilant eye of his […]

Waiting for Santa! Britain’s first quads who are also two sets of identical twins born at odds of 10million to one

By Alison Smith-squire Updated: 23:07 BST, 23 December 2011 31 View comments With four energized little young ladies under two, Sean what’s more, Lisa Kelly are anticipating Christmas Day to be Or maybe hectic. But the couple design to make the most of each moment. Their quads – the to start with ever conceived in […]

‘My wife and I will make that decision’: Chris Christie says there’s a slim chance he’ll be the VP pick… as Bush senior ‘unofficially’ backs Romney

By Day by day Mail Columnist Updated: 10:09 BST, 23 December 2011 1 View comments GOP legend Chris Christie, who disheartened his patrons at the point when he picked not to run in 2012, may wind up in the White House anyway, yet not as president. The New Pullover governor, who’s been baffling for Glove […]