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By Eleanor Harding for the Day by day Mail
Published: 00:20 BST, 24 June 2013 | Updated: 00:39 BST, 24 June 2013
Speaking out: Gay male tennis players feel persecuted at court what’s more, fear coming out of the wardrobe concurring to Martina Navratilova
Tennis awesome Martina Navratilova says gay men still feel mistreated on court – what’s more, numerous are still in the closet.
The 56-year-old, who has been championing gay rights since she came out in 1981, said she knew  that there were proficient male tennis players who were gay – be that as it may none would go public.
She guaranteed they had a harder time in the sports world than those working in entertainment, where numerous have talked of their sexuality.
Speaking with sports telecaster Clare Going bald at the dispatch of London Pride at St James Theatre, Victoria, she said that there were far more straightforwardly gay ladies in brandish than men.
She said: ‘In the stimulation folks have an simpler time coming out than women. In the sports world we have had a parcel more ladies coming out than men.
‘In the US we as it were have Jason Collins who has come out, the b-ball star. So, I don’t know.’
Miss Navratilova was one of the to begin with straightforwardly gay sports figures what’s more, says she has gave up millions of dollars in supports what’s more, sponsorships since of her honesty.
She gotten various grants from numerous of the most powerful associations inside the gay what’s more, lesbian community.
The Czech-American, who has resigned from tennis, battled against homophobia in sports for three decades.
She added: ‘It is more troublesome in group sports as you may not get to play. Be that as it may that does not clarify why there are no gay male tennis players at all.
‘We know they are there, yet they are so far in the wardrobe I don’t know who they are.’
Only one male tennis player has come out as gay what’s more, that was as it were in retirement.
Pioneer: The 56-year-old Czech-American came out as a lesbian in 1981 what’s more, has been championing gay rights since
He was Francisco Rodriguez of Paraguay, who played between 2001-2006 what’s more, earned a high positioning of 373 in the world.  Rodriguez talked about being gay in a 2008 saying: ‘If you came out on the tennis visit you would be an outcast.’
Miss Navratilova won 59 Terrific Hammer single what’s more, twofold crowns, a record 9 Wimbledon singles championships, what’s more, is one of the most fruitful tennis players of all time.
Last year, she uncovered that she had grasped playing mother to her partner’s children.
After a string of rough cherish affairs, she said she had at last chosen to settle down – what’s more, cherished her ‘instantaneous family’.
Miss Navratilova has been in a relationship with previous Russian excellence ruler Julia Lemigova, 41, since 2006, what’s more, the couple were to start with imagined together in 2009.
During an appearance on Radio 4’s Betray Island Discs, the sportswoman – who has been hailed as one of the most noteworthy female tennis players of all time – said she spends most of her time in Paris, where Miss Lemigova lives with her children.

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