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Published: 23:21 BST, 21 February 2014 | Updated: 23:21 BST, 21 February 2014

President Barack Obama declared Friday that he will grant the Decoration of Respect to two dozen war veterans, most of whom had been beforehand ignored since of their backgrounds. 
The warriors will be respected Walk 18 for displaying prominent courage in battle amid World War II what’s more, the wars in Korea what’s more, Vietnam.
Among the beneficiaries will be 19 Jewish, Hispanic what’s more, African-American veterans who had been the subjects of segregation since of their background.  All yet three will be granted the award posthumously.
One what’s more, only: Of the 19 veterans speaking to minorities who will be granted Decorations of Respect in March, Private To begin with Class Leonard M. Kravitz is the sole Jewish soldier. Kravitz will be respected for his boldness amid battle in Yangpyong, Korea on Walk 6 what’s more, 7, 1951

Each of these veterans was beforehand perceived by grant of the Recognized Benefit Cross, the nation’s second most astounding military award; that grant will be updated to the Award of Respect next month.
The bizarrely huge number of beneficiaries of the decoration was the result of congressionally commanded audit of war records to decide on the off chance that any minority troopers had been denied the Award of Respect since of prejudice.
The White House says that amid that survey dispatched in 2002 a few troopers who were not one or the other Jewish nor Hispanic too had criteria commendable of the medal.

Hero: Staff Sergeant Melvin Morris Morris will be among 24 veterans to get the Award of Respect next month for his fearless activities while serving as Officer of a Strike Compel in Chi Lang, Vietnam on September 17, 1969
Survivors: Sergeant To start with Class Jose Rodela (left), who served in Vietnam, is one of as it were three veterans still alive today to get the medal, along with Pro Four Santiago J. Erevia (right)

Private Joe Gandara (left) served with Organization D, 2d Battalion, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division in Amfreville, France on June 9, 1944; Sgt William F. Leonard (right) served close St. Die, France on November 7, 1944

All be that as it may one of the beneficiaries are enrolled men, from privates to ace sergeants. One beneficiary is a World War II to begin with lieutenant.
Officials at the U.S. Division of Barrier said they had particular confirm of separation in the ranks. In a few cases, Hispanic what’s more, Jewish warriors evidently had to change their names in arrange to cover up their ethnicity, the Washington Post reported. 
As part of the survey process, military authorities had looked into hundreds of records dating from December 1941 to September 2001.
Private Miguel A. Vera (left) was an programmed marksman with Organization F, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division in Chorwon, Korea;  Sergeant Eduardo C. Gomez (right) was with Organization I, 8th Mounted force Regiment, 1st Mounted force Division in Tabu-dong, Korea on September 3, 1950

Valiant: Ace Sergeant Mike C. Pena (left) served in Organization F, 5th Mounted force Regiment, 1st Mounted force Division in Waegwan, Korea, on September 4, 1950; Corporal Joe R. Baldonado (right) was acting machine heavy weapons specialist in 3d Squad, 2d Platoon, Organization B, 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment in Kangdong, Korea on November 25, 1950

Greatest generation: To begin with Lieutenant Donald K. Schwab (left) was the Leader of Organization E, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division, close Lure, France on September 17, 1944;  Private Pedro Cano (right)  was with Organization C, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division in Schevenhutte, Germany on December 3, 1944

The huge undertaking, which had staff members criss-crossing the nation in look of missing files, was further confused by the certainty that in 1973, a fire at the National Faculty Records Focus in Missouri wrecked a few 18million records.
The military intensely depended on interviews with surviving family individuals what’s more, the award candidates’ friends to reproduce combat zone histories. 

Among the 19 award beneficiaries speaking to racial or, then again ethnic  minorities, 17 are Hispanic, one is Jewish what’s more, one African-American.
Former Private To start with Class Leonard M. Kravitz will be one of 21 troopers to get the nation’s most noteworthy respect posthumously.
Sergeant Candelario Garcia (left) was acting Group Pioneer for Organization B, 1st Battalion, 2d Infantry, 1st Brigade,1st Infantry Division in Lai Khe, Vietnam on December 8, 1968; Staff Sergeant Felix M. Conde-Falcon (right) recognized himself in Ap Tan Hoa, Vietnam on April 4, 1969

Comrades: Pro Four Leonard L. Alvarado (left) was a Sharpshooter with Organization D, 2d Battalion, 12th Cavalry, 1st Mounted force Division in Phuoc Long Province; Master Four Jesus S. Duran (right) was an acting M-60 machinegunner in Organization E, 2d Battalion, 5th Cavalry, 1st Mounted force Division in Vietnam on April 10, 1969

In early Walk 1951, Kravitz, who was Jewish, was serving as an collaborator machine-gunner with Organization M, 5th Infantry Regiment of the 24th Infantry Division. His activities in battle over two days in Yangpyong, Korea, were regarded commendable of the Decoration of Honor.
Former Staff Sergeant Melvin Morris, who is black, will get the award for dauntlessness appeared as officer of a Strike Compel picked from Organization D, 5th Uncommon Powers Gathering of the 1st Extraordinary Forces. The battle operation took put Sept. 17, 1969, close Chi Lang, Vietnam.
Morris will travel from Florida to Washington DC to go to the ceremony, along with Santiago J. Erevia, a previous authority four who served in Vietnam as a radio phone operator, what’s more, Jose Rodela, a previous ace sergeant from Corpus Christi, Texas, who will get the award for dauntlessness amid battling in Phuoc Long Province, Vietnam.
Warrior: Sergeant Jack Weinstein will get the Award of Respect after death for his bold activities while driving 1st Platoon, Organization G, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division in Kumsong, Korea on October 19, 1951

Brothers in arms: Ace Sergeant Juan E. Negron (left) served as a part of Organization L, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division in Kalma-Eri, Korea in 1951;  Corporal Victor H. Espinoza (right) served as an Acting Sharpshooter in Organization A, 23d Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division in Chorwon, Korea on Regal 1, 1952

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