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By Jack Doyle for the Day by day Mail
Published: 23:30 BST, 28 February 2014 | Updated: 04:01 BST, 1 Walk 2014
In the 007 spy films, James Bond’s driving interests are savage weapons, quick autos what’s more, speedier women.
But agreeing to a work advert put by MI6 yesterday, the world of secret activities is Or maybe more mundane.
The Mystery Insight Benefit says it needs ‘empathetic’ initiates who are ‘able to get on with various gatherings of people’.

In its advert, replicated above, MI6 gladly shows its correspondence certifications by conveying a Stonewall gay rights logo. Anybody intrigued in ‘guns what’s more, quick cars’ require not apply.
The subtle elements are included in an advert for insight officer posts, distributed recently in the Financial analyst newspaper.
The officers collect, examine what’s more, report mystery insight material from around the world.
The work advert – introduced as a flowchart – has questions counting ‘Do you need to secure your country?’, ‘Do you have an intuitive curiosity?’ what’s more, ‘Can you be trusted?’. Candidates are moreover inquired about their dialect abilities what’s more, regardless of whether they need to convey out work overseas.
Hopefuls must say in the event that they are male or, then again female some time recently being told their sexual orientation does not matter. The same goes for sexuality what’s more, ethnicity – despite the fact that applicants must have English nationality.
Secrecy is a key issue naturally. Anybody replying truly to the question ‘Would you tell anybody else about your application?’ is told ‘Thank you for your time’.
An indistinguishable reaction is given to anybody accepting that MI6 is ‘all firearms what’s more, quick cars’.
Where Bond routinely opposes his managers what’s more, breaks the rules, the MI6 advert cautions against the thought that England must be secured ‘by any implies possible’.
MI6 home office on the south bank of the Stream Thames at Vauxhall

MI6 has marked up to Stonewall’s assorted variety champions programme, which points to make workplaces ‘gay friendly’ what’s more, guarantee managers go along with correspondences legislation.
The advert states: ‘The Benefit endeavors for assorted variety in the working environment what’s more, is conferred to the creation what’s more, upkeep of a atmosphere in which all staff are treated decently on the grounds of justify what’s more, ability.’
Last year MI5, the sister organization capable for ensuring England against remote what’s more, local enemies, came 25th in the list of Stonewall’s top 100 gay-friendly employers.
The scene from Skyfall where Javier Bardem’s scoundrel Raoul Silva fixes the shirt worn by James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, what’s more, touches him on his chest what’s more, thighs

Both agencies’ demeanors to gay representatives have changed extraordinarily in a short period.
Until the mid-1990s, gay people were restricted from touchy posts in the discretionary or, on the other hand security services, on the grounds that they were more defenseless to blackmail.
Two individuals of the Cambridge Five, the infamous ring of comrade spies who worked for the Soviet Union in the 1940s what’s more, 50s, were gay.
Guy Burgess, who worked for the Remote Office what’s more, MI6, lived with a sweetheart indeed after he absconded to Moscow in 1951.
Anthony Blunt, an MI5 officer what’s more, driving craftsmanship historian, too had a mystery gay life.
The most later Bond film, Skyfall, raised eyebrows among faultfinders with a exceedingly charged gay ‘flirtation’ scene. Bond baddie Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem, fixes Bond’s shirt, what’s more, strokes his chest what’s more, legs while he is tied to a chair, suggestively saying ‘First time for everything?’
Daniel Craig, who stars as Bond, replies: ‘What makes you think this is my to begin with time?’
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