Not shaken, not stirred! Roger gives up martinis because of his Type 2 diabetes

LIKE James Bond, Sir Roger Moore has at times delighted in a martini. Be that as it may the on-screen character has uncovered he can no longer drink the mixed drink since of his Sort 2 diabetes. Sir Roger, 86, was analyzed with the condition last year, what’s more, it implies he has to observe […]

LIZ JONES: I’ve nearly been arrested TWICE while enduring the hell of flying (Give me a Knee Defender and it could be third time lucky)

A Joined together Carriers plane had to be redirected last end of the week after a glass of water was tossed over a male traveler who utilized a restricted gadget called a Knee Protector – a match of cuts that bolt the situate in front to anticipate it being reclined. This episode made features worldwide, […]

I’ll help residents to get rid of yellow lines on their roads, promises Pickles in crackdown of ‘over-zealous’ parking policies

Occupants could get the right to challenge yellow lines on their roads, under recommendations to be reported by Eric Pickles today. He is recommending that in the event that at minimum 50 individuals of the open or, then again nearby businesses, or, then again up to 10 per penny of individuals in an area, are […]

Gun instructor accidentally shot dead by nine-year-old while teaching her to fire an Uzi was killed by SINGLE bullet to the head

By Day by day Mail Columnist Published: 00:02 BST, 29 Regal 2014 | Updated: 01:33 BST, 29 Regal 2014 It was a single lethal slug to the head that murdered a weapon teacher who was coincidentally shot prior this week while instructing a 9-year-old how to fire an Uzi. Charles Vaca, 39, a father what’s […]

Election BIG BROTHER! New Zealand politicians get tough with billboard vandals, using hidden cameras to catch out the culprits

They’re seen as the simple targets amid race battles by spray painting packs what’s more, have regularly been the subject of fights between political competitors – be that as it may the ruining of decision announcements or, then again corflutes, as they are too known, is going to move toward becoming a expensive past-time presently […]

Selfie fail: Father snaps an inappropriate selfie with his young son in front of police ‘forcibly restraining’ man

By Daniel Piotrowski for Day by day Mail Australia Published: 00:15 BST, 26 Eminent 2014 | Updated: 10:24 BST, 26 Eminent 2014 A father what’s more, child have been imagined taking a sketchy selfie in front of a man being persuasively limited by police officers in a famous Queensland party district. Bystander Alex Cummings purportedly […]

Are you ready to sit through even MORE ads? Commercial TV stations want an extra SEVEN minutes per hour

By Lillian Radulova for Day by day Mail Australia Published: 01:00 BST, 25 Regal 2014 | Updated: 11:55 BST, 25 Regal 2014 Australian free-to-air TV watchers could before long be subject to an additional seven minutes of publicizing each hour under recommendations from a few of the greatest TV networks. Networks can as it were […]

The Battle of Portaloo: Outrage as Royal officials plonk portable toilet next to where Charles laid wreath to war heroes

Illustrious authorities were denounced of ‘insulting the war dead’ recently after introducing a convenient latrine at a war commemoration where a wreath from Ruler Charles is on display. The monstrous impermanent restroom what’s more, workmen’s bottle at the District Commemoration Doors – 100 yards from Buckingham Royal residence – incited dissensions from families who went […]

Chinas appetite for cooking with Agas grows with the ovens becoming a huge status symbol

The were once the protect of middle-class housewives over provincial Britain. But the Aga – the quintessentially English broiler – has move toward becoming a sought-after status image among China’s blossoming middle-classes. As their maker, Aga Rangemaster, gets ready to offer its to begin with cookers in China this autumn, investigators said they had move […]