Thought your time-travelling was all in the past, Jenna? First picture of Doctor Who star as ITV’s young Queen Victoria

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Jenna Coleman knows a thing or, then again two about time-travelling, once playing a Victorian barmaid amid her stretch as Specialist Who’s assistant.
So it appears able that the on-screen character ought to be transported back to the 19th Century for her most recent part – this time as Ruler Victoria herself.
Our selective pictures appear Miss Coleman, 30, playing the ruler in a luxurious eight-part ITV drama, Victoria, which graphs the youthful Queen’s life what’s more, loves.
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While Victoria is settled in the national memory as the dowager in dark who grieved her adored Ruler Albert for decades, the new dramatization will depict her as a hardheaded lady who throws a spell over men who cross her path.
Written by author Daisy Goodwin, it takes after the Ruler from her increase to the position of authority at 18 through to her romance what’s more, marriage to Albert, played by Tom Hughes.
The Queen’s crowning ordinance at Westminster Convent in 1838 is reproduced in the to begin with episode. 
Coleman, who is flanked by ladies-in-waiting, looks radiant in a silk outfit topped off by a red robe what’s more, diamond-studded tiara.
The Queen’s relationship with her to begin with Prime Minister, Master Melbourne, played by Rufus Sewell, too takes focus stage, with the match appeared horse-riding together. 
Melbourne educated the youthful Ruler in the ways of government, what’s more, their companionship definitely driven to gossip.
ITV is however to declare a communicate date for the series.

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