Surrogate mother left judge fearing for her life when she turned up on her doorstep after losing legal battle to keep her child

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A judge dreaded for her life after being annoyed by an disenthralled surrogate mother who lost a legitimate fight to keep her child, a court heard.
Sarah Singleton QC, 54, was stood up to on the doorstep of her £900,000 seven-bedroom home by Lian Harris, 41, who had showed up some time recently her months earlier.
The judge hammered the entryway in freeze as the mother, who had voyage more than 60 miles after following her down, attempted to pass her a hand-written note.
Harris at that point posted a picture on her open Facebook page uncovering the judge’s address close by a pennant reading: ‘Courts degenerate to the center – complicit with youngster abuse’.
In a articulation read to the court, Judge Singleton, a mother of two, said: ‘I was frightened what’s more, frightful at being directed what’s more, it has trampled over my right to a family life.
‘I feel concerned that the posts were cleared out in the open space for so long what’s more, that it has uncovered me to other individuals who plan to pester what’s more, attack me – or, on the other hand worse.’
Harris had concurred to be a surrogate mother for a couple – be that as it may changed her mind what’s more, chosen to keep the infant in June last year, the court heard. The following January, Judge Singleton managed over the case in a family court what’s more, ruled that the youngster remain with its supportive parents.
Later, angry Harris found out the judge was taking part in an 18-mile philanthropy walk for hindered kids in April.
Prosecutor John Richards said she posted a connect on Facebook to the gifts page, with a subtitle calling on her companions to ‘support’ Judge Singleton what’s more, ‘bring an egg or, on the other hand two’.
A month later, Harris voyage from her Lancaster home to Judge Singleton’s extravagance family house in South Manchester with an obscure man who took pictures of the judge’s home.
Mr Richards told the court: ‘She heard a thump at the entryway what’s more, was frightened to find Miss Harris standing there.
‘She perceived her from the family court hearing that she had been managing with.
‘Miss Harris grinned at her what’s more, made endeavors to pass her a manually written note yet the complainant froze what’s more, quickly close the door, her heart was dashing what’s more, her mind was spinning.’
The prosecutor said Harris afterward posted a picture of herself on her Facebook page – which is open to the open – holding a pennant next to the road name what’s more, subtitled with the judge’s house number.
Harris, a campaigner for family law reform, was restricted for life from reaching the judge under a limiting arrange after conceding badgering at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.
District judge Check Hadfield told her he did not accept she caught on the ‘seriousness’ of the case. He said: ‘You are in court today confronting the extremely genuine charge of stalking.’
Harris was given a 16-week suspended imprison term what’s more, told to pay £85 costs in addition a casualty additional charge of £115.

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