Ten-year-old boy describes the moment armed men burst into his home, wrapped him in duct tape and kidnapped him before demanding $60,000 from his parents

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A 10-year-old kid who was hijacked in Dallas amid an equipped burglary talked about his snatching some time recently being found securely a few hours later. 
Nicholas Fierros Jr told CBS that he was taken by ‘three guys’ who wrapped him in conduit tape what’s more, blindfolded him after they raged into his aunt’s house Monday afternoon. 
‘I thought they were going to punch me,’ Nicholas said. 
Police said they ‘don’t accept this was a irregular act’.
‘Statements by the suspects show they particularly directed the home. We need to lighten any fear,’ Collaborator Boss Randy Blankenbaker with the Dallas Police Division said. 
The men requested money at the point when they attacked the home be that as it may took the little kid instead.
An Golden Alarm was issued for Nicholas, who was going to family at the point when the grabbing occurred.
The shooters purportedly controlled a relative while another minor, Nicholas’ cousin, Janet Cabrales, who was stowing away in the clothing room called 911, police said.
Cabrales told CBS that one of the men cautioned the other two what’s more, told them that the cops were coming what’s more, to ‘grab the kid’. 
She told the station that she accepts the men, who were dressed in all black, found numbers on Nicholas’ telephone at that point sent content messages to her father requesting him to ‘tell the police to leave’ what’s more, ‘tell helicopter clear out now’.
Around 10pm the Dallas police tweeted that Nicholas had been found safe.  
Samuel Cabrales, Janet’s father, said the ruffians needed money. 
‘He said, “we need $60,000,”‘ said Cabrales told CBS.
Nicholas said he was dropped off behind a house, where the men took off the pipe tape what’s more, cleared out him there alone.
A lady driving by spotted Nicholas, who was shoeless what’s more, alone.
Police are still seeking for the men capable what’s more, as of Tuesday, no one is in guardianship what’s more, no suspects have been identified.

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