The moment a handcuffed man’s hearing aid is knocked out by police as they push him to the ground during an arrest

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New Zealand Police have come under fire for film which shows up to appear them pushing a man to the ground driving his hearing help to fall out.
Filmed in New Plymouth on the North Island, the man who transferred the video said his companion was captured after opening an alcoholic drink in a liquor-ban area.
Footage appears the officers dealing with the man some time recently pushing him to the ground with his confront against the concrete.
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At the starting of the video the man shows up to be standing in front of a police officer, with his hands bound behind him.
He doesn’t look to be putting up a battle nonetheless the officer can be seen putting his arm around the man’s throat in a headlock.
‘Hey no require to stifle him’, the individual recording can be heard saying.
‘Oi, his hearing aid, bro’, the man says afterward in the footage.
The captured man is at that point put into a police auto what’s more, taken away in handcuffs. 
New Zealand Police told Every day Mail Australia they were mindful of the film what’s more, are exploring the incident. 
‘Police were made mindful of this video recording what’s more, the capture on Tuesday this week what’s more, are right now exploring the episode to build up regardless of whether the utilize of compel was proper what’s more, what the real occasions were that lead to the capture of this person,’they said in a statement.
‘Often a short video on social media does not appear the degree of what happened at the time.’

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