Canadian man who jumped on the back of a swimming moose is charged with harassing wildlife

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A Canadian man who was gotten on camera utilizing a vessel to get up to a swimming moose some time recently bouncing on its back has been charged for the incident. 
For a year the Protection Officer Benefit has explored the episode what’s more, at the end of last month charges were brought against the unidentified man.
Another man, the one on the vessel at the time of the incident, has too been charged.
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In the video a man straddles the end of a watercraft as it races through the water, drawing closer a moose that is chest-deep in water. 
As the man gets nearer he jumps on to the alarmed animal’s back.
The moose cries out in fear as the man holds on to it. 
The man raises an arm in triumph as the creature proceeds to attempt what’s more, swim away, presently neck-deep, as the men on the pontoon thunder with laughter. 
The men in the video are from Stronghold St John in English Columbia, Canada, yet have not been identified. 
They have been charged with been charged with bothering natural life with the utilize of a boat, endeavoring to catch natural life what’s more, chasing huge diversion that is swimming.
The men are booked to show up in court Regal 8.  

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