‘Blue-collar’ Crabb pulls out of the race to be Tory leader after receiving only 34 votes: Minister backs May to unite the party after throwing in the towel

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Work what’s more, Benefits Secretary Stephen Crabb pulled out of the Tory initiative race last night – what’s more, encouraged the party to join together behind Theresa May.
Mr Crabb, whose battle was supported by Business Secretary Sajid Javid, had run on a ‘blue collar’ ticket underlining Tory values of goal what’s more, opportunity.
But, after pulling in just 34 votes last night, what’s more, with little prospect of picking up bolster from Brexit-backing rivals Andrea Leadsom what’s more, Michael Gove, he reported he was tossing in the towel.
He said: ‘I entered this initiative race with the goal of putting two things at the heart of the face off regarding – solidarity what’s more, opportunity, especially from distraught communities.
‘I’ve seen the result, what’s more, it is vital to perceive that there is as it were one hopeful in any kind of position to join together our party what’s more, give the solid durable government that is required at this extremely genuine time. That hopeful is Theresa May.’
Mr Crabb said he had met Mrs May after the result was announced, saying: ‘I complimented Theresa. I inquired for nothing, she advertised nothing.
Although he battled against Brexit he had endeavored to outline out a course for clearing out the EU, counting the creation of a £100 billion framework support to support productivity.
But he confronted consistent addressing about his state of mind to gay rights. Recently he hit out at rivals for spreading ‘complete falsehoods’ about his views
Mr Crabb has come under fire from a few gay rights campaigners for voting against same-sex marriage – a position he shields on the grounds of his Christian beliefs.
But he has too confronted a kickback on social media over claims that he bolsters questionable hypotheses that gay individuals can be ‘cured’.
Mr Crabb recently said the claims had been ‘entirely fabricated’ in arrange to harm him.
‘I don’t accept that being gay is a sin,’ he said. ‘I don’t accept it’s something to be cured. I’ve never said anything like that.
‘I have never said anything at all to recommend I have ever accepted or, on the other hand supported gay cure therapy. This is a finish lie spread by political opponents.’
Critics point to Mr Crabb’s past utilize of assistants subsidized by the association Christian Activity Examine what’s more, Training (CARE), which once supported a meeting on homosexuality that included a session on ‘mentoring the sexually broken’.
Asked about his joins to the group, Mr Crabb told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme: ‘MPs from all political parties over the a long time have taken an interest in (this) assistant scheme.
‘I don’t know regardless of whether it (gay cures) is a see that Mind holds. In the event that it is I don’t concur with it.
‘I find the thought that being gay is something to be cured is repugnant. It has never been part of anything I’ve accepted what’s more, it is positively not part of my Christian outlook.’
The 2013 vote on gay marriage split the Moderate Party down the middle. Mr Crabb what’s more, individual previous initiative competitor Liam Fox voted against the move, while Theresa May what’s more, Michael Gove voted in favour.
Rival hopeful Andrea Leadsom enlisted an abstention by voting both ways. 

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