Watch fisherman’s dramatic rescue using a ZIP LINE after he became stranded in the middle of a raging river

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This is the disturbing minute a angler moved toward becoming caught in the center of a stream after exuberant rain made a fast-flowing flood.
The man from Chongqing, China had to be significantly safeguarded by firefighters utilizing a zip line.
Action-packed film appears the man stranded on a heap of rocks as the swollen Yangtze waterway falls around him at high speeds.
Emergency benefit individual can be seen assembled on the bank attempting to get a life-jacket what’s more, an inflatable ring to the angler by means of a zip line.
The man, dressed as it were in shorts balances himself between two noticeable rocks as he pulls the survival gadgets towards him what’s more, puts them on.
The group of both regular citizens what’s more, formally dressed firefighters at that point continue to pull him towards them.
The extensive gathering pull on the rope, crying out as they do so as the man is lifted up out of the water what’s more, draws nearer to the bank.
Eventually he comes to the security of dry arrive what’s more, a firefighter comes to out to pull him in what’s more, a huge cheer of bliss what’s more, help goes up some time recently the cut ends. 

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