Is Devon’s missing lynx prowling towards Kent? Experts believe the creature’s homing instinct could draw him back to the wildlife park where he was born

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Creature specialists trust a got away lynx being chased in Devon the previous evening could be drawn by its homing intuition towards the natural life stop in Kent where it was conceived.

Flaviu, a two-year-old male Carpathian lynx about the measure of a labrador canine, gotten away inside hours of landing at Dartmoor Zoo a week ago. The wild feline could be a peril to people if cornered.

US-based lynx master Jim Sanderson said yesterday the creature may choose there is insufficient nourishment in the territory and make a beeline for the recreation center at Port Lympne in Kent, utilizing its finely tuned homing sense.

He included: ‘It can’t chase for itself since it doesn’t know how. It never learnt from its mom. In the event that it doesn’t eat, it will make a beeline for where it wants to get nourishment and that is Port Lympne.’

The operation to recover the lynx approached accomplishment in the early hours of yesterday morning when it is accepted to have pressed its paw through the bars of a metal confine and recovered a little measure of quail goad without setting off a trap.

Two traps had likewise been activated on Thursday night.

The lynx was last spotted by an automaton outfitted with a night-vision camera on Thursday night in a territory of farmland, wood and open field on the edge of the town of Sparkwell, close Plymouth – not a long way from where it had gotten away.

The range where the creature is believed to be has been closed to avert it being exasperates and frightened away.

Police say they will capture gatecrashers if important.

Dartmoor Zoo proprietor Benjamin Mee said yesterday that his attendants were building another walled in area for the lynx.

With wire work expected to make it escape-evidence, it will be outfitted with a passage opening into a 4ft-high chamber.

The zoo revived yesterday in the wake of shutting incidentally to free down staff to help with the chase.

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