Do YOU know who it is? British ticketholder lands 61.1MILLION jackpot in EuroMillions draw

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A UK ticketholder has scooped the £61.1 million bonanza in the EuroMillions draw.

The champ coordinated five principle numbers and two fortunate stars to take £61,102,442.90 in Friday’s opposition.

The triumphant numbers were uncovered to be 1, 21, 26, 40 and 50, while the fortunate star numbers were 2 and 4.

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A National Lottery representative stated: ‘The UK’s fortunate streak is endless – the £61 million EuroMillions bonanza is the fourth one to be won here this year.

‘And also the enormous bonanza, five players won an ensured £1 million and an extravagance trek to the Gold Drift in the UK Mogul Producer.’

The most recent win comes after an English player was the sole victor of a £51.8 million bonanza in April.

The UK’s greatest Euromillions champs, couple Colin and Chris Weir, scooped £161,653,000 in July 2011. The cameraman and medical caretaker, from Largs in Ayrshire, allegedly pampered a bit of their rewards on autos for companions, a manor and a gift to the Scottish autonomy crusade.

After a year Adrian and Gillian Bayford, from Haverhill, Suffolk, won £148,656,000 and had plans to rampage spend their freshly discovered fortune on intriguing autos and extravagance occasions.

However Mr Bayford, a record dealer, and his medical caretaker spouse later separated refering to a hopeless breakdown in the marriage.

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