How awesome is this! Breathtaking drone footage captures surfers frolicking with eight-metre whales off the coast of New Zealand

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Amazing automaton film has caught a surfer’s nearby experience with two whales skipping off the bank of New Zealand.

Surfer Sam Todd and paddleboarder Craig Latta paddled out to two eight-meter Southern right whales off the shoreline of Dunedin, on New Zealand’s Southern Island, on Thursday.

Mr Todd drew sufficiently near to touch one of the whales before it swung its tail and sprinkled water toward him.

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‘I cleared out my board in the water and drifted over one of them and touched one with the two hands and that was entirely marvelous,’ he revealed to The New Zealand Envoy.

Unimaginable automaton film demonstrates the whales causally skipping in the water as the men swim around them.

‘The whale chased after me… I sat there as it swum underneath me and around me and behind me,’ said Mr Todd.

Pictures additionally catch New Zealand’s tremendous coastline off the point at St Clair’s Second Shoreline.

It appears the submissive whales were glad to swim with the men.

‘They were quite recently so delicate… it was quiet and tranquil out there,’ paddleboarder Craig Latta said.

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