‘F*** you, f*** the baby’: Watch the moment a mother is threatened by a road rage driver after she asked for his details when he hit her car

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A Queensland mother has reviewed the alarming minute a man heaved manhandle at her in the wake of turning around into her auto, while her infant was in the rearward sitting arrangement.

Nienke Cassidy said she was holding up to leave a Tans Fields benefit station in Logan City, south of Brisbane, when the driver turned around his blue car into her auto.

‘I escaped my auto and I went to him and I said you simply hit my auto and he was straight, what are you discussing, no I didn’t,’ Ms Cassidy told 7 News.

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The circumstance heightened when Ms Cassidy requested his subtle elements.

Ms Cassidy said he pummeled the entryway of his auto and moved toward her as though he would hit her.

He began swearing at her and the two traded a warmed contention.

‘I instructed him to make tracks in an opposite direction from my child and he said “f*** you, f*** the infant, motherf***er”.’

‘I prefer not to think what could happen on the off chance that it wasn’t in such a populated place amidst the day,’ Ms Cassidy said.

Witness Louise Fisher, who shot the occurrence, said once the man got a quick look at her shooting, he charged towards her auto and took after her for 20 meters, swearing at her with his clench hand in his air.

‘I think in the event that I hadn’t of moved I presumably wouldn’t be staying here now,’ Ms Fisher told 7 News.

The trial kept going 20 minutes before Ms Cassidy got his points of interest which she intends to pass onto the police.

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