‘That’s my child!’ Father says blue-eyed British boy ‘killer’ seen executing a captured prisoner in Syria is the son he had with Sally Jones who ‘brainwashed’ the youngster and took him to join ISIS

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The father of a young man taken to Syria by his English mother has talked about his stun at seeing a video which clearly demonstrates his child executing a caught detainee.

The distressed man, who has not seen his child for a long time, said the kid was “mentally programmed” by his mom, Sally Jones, in the wake of being taken by her to join Islamic State.

The 47-year-old mother of two, from Chatham, Kent, was proclaimed one of the world’s most needed fear mongers by the UN after she fled to Syria with her most youthful child JoJo, at that point matured 10, in 2013.

Presently the father trusts it might be his child in a chilling purposeful publicity video discharged on Friday demonstrating five young men killing a gathering of caught Kurdish warriors.

The previous evening the man, who has requested that not be named to ensure his security, stated: ‘He was splendid, only a typical kid – continually pursuing bugs, going down the recreation center. I have needed to shut it out. It’s been hard, we simply need to go ahead. It’s nauseating he’s been indoctrinated.’

Jones brought forth JoJo in Kent in 2004 yet part from his dad in the blink of an eye a while later. She at that point changed over to Islam.

A companion of the father stated: ‘Sally would send him messages that were sickening. She would debilitate to take JoJo to Islamic energizes and abandon him there. It was horrendous.’

After their split, Jones wedded an Islamic radical 25 years her lesser, changed JoJo’s name to Hamza, and them three fled to Syria.

In the most recent sickening nine-minute Islamic State video, the kid is called Abu Abdullah al-Britani. Al-Britani is a nom-de-guerre frequently utilized by fear mongers from England.

The other kids are inscribed as being from Egypt, Kurdistan, Tunisia and Uzbekistan.

Wearing military uniform and dark handkerchiefs, the young men point their handguns noticeable all around before pointing them at the back of the leaders of the caught prisoners and shooting.

The companion of the father included: ‘He was a cheerful kid, cherishing, mindful, delicate and a joy to be around. I’m furious at Sally to take a blameless kid who doesn’t know right or off-base. Youngsters can be effectively controlled.

‘He’s a blameless gathering and I need to recognize what makes a mother put her kid in such a perilous position.’ As indicated by the Quilliam Establishment against fanatic association there are around 50 English conceived kids living in ranges under IS control, albeit not very many of them are accepted to be white.

Jones played guitar in an all-young lady shake band called Krunch in her 20s and had a kid, Jonathan, in her 30s.

In any case, as indicated by neighbors, after the kid’s dad dedicated suicide, Jones moved into a two-room terraced committee house in Chatham, Kent. Neighbors said she had a progression of transient connections and ended up noticeably dependent on drugs.

In 2013, she wedded Junaid Hussain, an Islamic radical and programmer 25 years her lesser, and they brought JoJo with them to Syria. He was executed in a US ramble strike a year ago.

In the months that tailed, she posted chilling dangers on interpersonal interaction destinations and postured for photographs with an AK-47, wearing dark with her face hidden.

Utilizing the pen name Hussain al-Britani, she said she needed to decapitate Christians with a ‘limit cut’ and applauded Osama Receptacle Loaded.

The Remote Office said it knew about the video however was not able remark further.

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