Staten Island man files $6 million lawsuit after police officer ‘smashed his face into NYPD car and choked him while calling him a f*****g f****t as he was having an asthma attack’

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A NYPD officer punched, stifled and offended a man who was having an asthma assault while another cop viewed, a claim charges.

James Rolkiewicz, of Staten Island, documented a suit against the officers and the city Monday, requesting $6 million.

He was strolling in the West Town in September a year ago when his asthma assault started, court papers state.

Rolkiewicz sat on the means of the Greenwich House Music expressions school, searching for his inhaler, when a NYPD watch auto ceased adjacent, the New York Day by day News announced.

The two officers strolled towards Rolkiewicz and one of them called him a f*****g f****t a few times while requesting his id, the recording states.

That officer then grabbed Rolkiewicz and ‘repeatedly crushed his face and head into the hood of the NYPD watch auto’ as indicated by the court papers.

In the mean time the other cop remained by doing nothing, the suit says.

Rolkiewicz was ‘ruthlessly taken care of, punched, kicked, harshly treated, set in a strangle hold, cuffed and stifled until the point when he lost awareness,’ as indicated by the documenting.

The two officers didn’t disclose to Rolkiewicz why he was captured and discarded to peruse him his rights, the suit states.

Rolkiewicz remained in authority for around two days. It is indistinct what charges were brought against him.

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