Reel-y impressive! Ten-year-old boy catches a huge world record 116KG tuna worth $10,000 – and the giant fish is even bigger than him!

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There might be a lot of fish in the ocean, however relatively few of them come greater than 10-year-old Daniel Lazarevski’s 116kg blue balance fish dragged in away the bank of Victoria.

The monster angle was snared in only two minutes on the angling trip, however it took two-and – a-half hours to pull in the fish.

While the fish is justified regardless of an expected $10,000, the kid and his dad will mount it at home, since they lawfully can’t offer it.

Daniel said all through the battle he was depleted, yet he rushed to thank his family and companions for the assistance reeling in the fish.

‘At the point when the pole took off, I needed to rapidly remove it from the holder,’ Daniel revealed to 9News after they pulled the fish on board.

‘My back was sore part of the way through the battle, and my hands were sore too. When I brought it up onto the pontoon, I just couldn’t trust it.

‘I couldn’t have done it without the young men on the vessel and my father, and all their consolation.’

The angling undertaking for Daniel and his dad has pulled in a lot of consideration inside the angling group – and right now is an ideal opportunity to cast a line as indicated by Official Executive of Fisheries Victoria, Travis Dowling.

‘To have those notable southern blue blade fish gotten off Victoria is incredible,’ Travis stated, alluding to the passageways of Port Phillip Cove and Western Port Narrows.

‘We figure will begin drawing in individuals from New South Ribs and different spots, since we have this astonishing diversion angle so close in.’

Daniel was unassuming when he was clarifying his happy subtle strategies, which may have gutted a couple of angling fans.

‘There’s no mystery, it’s simply good fortune. You’ve [either] got luckiness, or no good fortune,’ the 10-year-old said.

Daniel is currently tending to affirmation for the consequence of his reality record get in the under-11s class.

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