Something funny? Twin brother of Stephanie Scott’s killer shares a laugh with his mum as he walks free from jail just two weeks after being sentenced for pawning murdered teacher’s rings

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The sibling of Stephanie Scott’s executioner Vincent Stanford has strolled free from jail only two weeks after he was condemned to 15 months imprison.

Marcus Stanford, 25, was imprisoned for offering Ms Scott’s rings and consuming her permit after his twin sibling killed the NSW teacher days before her wedding to life partner Aaron Leeson-Woolley.

Stanford left jail conveying a plastic sack brimming with his effects, and was wearing a dull hued beanie, a dark hoodie and jeans.

He was gotten from Junee Remedial Center, in NSW’s south, by his mom, Anika, and the match seemed to share a snicker as they cleared out.

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The 25-year-old was permitted to be discharged so soon as his sentence considered time as of now served since his capture in June a year ago.

It comes after the NSW Executive of Open Arraignments Lloyd Babb SC a week ago reported he would not be engaging Stanford’s sentence after Chief Mike Baird requesting that he survey the case.

Mr Babb said he accepted there were ‘no sensible prospects of achievement against the insufficiency of the sentence’.

Stanford’s mom still lives in Leeton and it is not yet known whether the state’s parole board will put any conditions or limitations on his living game plans.

Stanford’s twin sibling, Vincent Stanford, assaulted Ms Scott at Leeton Secondary School on Easter Sunday 2015, days before she was expected to wed her youth sweetheart.

The 26-year-old instructor was dragged to a store room, sexually struck and wounded in the neck.

The killer expelled Ms Scott’s wedding band given to her by life partner Aaron Leeson-Woolley, and a graduation ring from her mom, and sent them with her driver’s permit in an envelope to his sibling’s Adelaide address.

Marcus Stanford at that point sold the rings for $705 at an Adelaide adornments store and consumed the driver’s permit.

He was accused of arranging proof connecting his sibling to the lady of the hour to-be’s murder.

Vincent Stanford has conceded assaulting and killing Ms Scott and will be condemned in October.

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