Listen to that engine purr! Cat hitches a ride on a customized Roomba complete with a box, cushion and blanket

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This cat has taken unwinding to the following level as it relaxed around on a Roomba while the robotized vacuum cleaned the floors.

The machine-turned-feline auto made the ideal ride for the creature who appeared to truly make the most of its easy ride around the house.

In video catching the funny trial, the feline is seen cuddled inside a plastic box fitted with a cover and pad, and decorated with a sticker that read ‘feline in an auto.’

The catlike looks very agreeable while advancing around every last bit of the home while sat over the programmed Roomba as it cleaned the home’s floors.

At a certain point, the feline lets out a major yawn, apparently tired from all the diligent work.

It is not clear where the video was recorded, which was transferred to YouTube where it has accumulated almost 19,000 perspectives.

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