Demise of the High Street post office: Union leader warns branches could be ‘extinct’ within two years

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High road post workplaces could be “wiped out” inside two years, a union pioneer cautioned the previous evening.

CWU manager Dave Ward said more than 100 “crown” post workplaces – the huge branches nearby focuses – had just been shut or converged into shops, for example, WH Smith, with another 60 set to vanish this year.

He cautioned that throughout the following two years the same could happen to the staying 260.

Mr Ward additionally said that many sub-post workplaces in country territories had likewise been minimized as of late – a pattern that would proceed.

It comes as several mail station specialists and chiefs intend to strike on Thursday in dissent at the ‘oversaw decay’ of their industry.

Mr Ward said they were making a move on the grounds that the high-road post office was in peril of going ‘terminated’.

‘Unless we stand firm now on this issue, in two or three years there will be no Mail station as we probably am aware it,’ he told the Morning Star.

He said the CWU strike would help spare an organization in ‘terminal decay’ with administration having incurred a constant program of cuts, secondary passage privatization and oversaw decrease.’

They will be joined by many mail station administrators sorted out in the Join union over the conclusion of their characterized pay benefits plot.

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