Will it be a Game Old Bird or a Jockstrap Jiver who waltzes to victory this year? As Ed Balls and co prepare for the new series, JAN MOIR looks back at the history of the STRICTLY STEREOTYPESand reveals the ingredients are always the same

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The current year’s Entirely Come Moving is the typical line-up of the confident and sad, bound together by ropes of nerves and sewed up — in more courses than one — by sequins.

The squad should dependably incorporate an ex-kid band hunk, a model who needs everybody to ‘see the genuine me’, a cleanser on-screen character coming up short on foam, a drama turn whose cha-cha will give us a chuckle, in addition to a woman of a particular age with a glimmer in her eye. Include a brandishing legend, a pop princess, a dressing moderator and a knave dragged away the breakfast television couch and voila!

Anyway, as the current year’s rivals start their difficulty on Friday, who fits where into each Entirely tribe?

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