Boy, 16, ‘stabbed during fight’ at Muslim ‘Sacrifice Feast’ in north Melbourne

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A 16-year-old kid was professedly cut on Sunday night after a battle broke out at a yearly Muslim celebration, known as the Relinquish Devour, in north Melbourne.

The young person was harmed amid at the two-day-long Islamic Eid Celebration, which denotes the Eid Al-Adha occasion and the finish of the yearly Hajj to Mecca, in the suburb of Dallas, a Victoria police representative said.

‘Agents have been informed that various individuals were included in a quarrel close Gibb Save around 8.25pm,’ she said.

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The Islamic Eid Festival, known as Eid-ul-Adha or the Celebration of Relinquish, marks two huge Islamic occasions – the climax of the Hajj, or journey to the heavenly city of Mecca, and God’s (Allah) charge to Prophet Abraham to give up his child, Ismail.

It is praised from the tenth to the 13ths every year amid the most recent month of the Islamic lunar date-book.

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‘A 16-year-old kid is accepted to have been wounded amid the episode.’

‘Police scattered the group and the kid was taken to healing facility enduring non-life debilitating wounds.’

The kid was wounded in the abdominal area, as indicated by Nine News.

He is in stable condition at Imperial Melbourne Doctor’s facility.

Police said they are exploring the conditions encompassing the contention.

The examination is continuous.

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