Into the lions’ den: Theresa May comes face-to-face with EU leaders for first time at Brussels summit as Francois Hollande tells her to expect ‘hard’ negotiations if she pursues a ‘hard’ Brexit

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Francois Hollande advised Theresa May to expect “hard” arrangements on the off chance that she seeks after a “hard” Brexit as she encountered EU pioneers at her first Brussels summit today.

The French President’s remarks set an insubordinate tone in front of the meeting of 28 EU pioneers and negated EU boss Donald Tusk’s warm comments minutes prior as he spoke to Mrs May to work in close organization to accomplish an effective takeoff.

The European Committee president expelled media depictions of her vital first meeting as a ‘lions cave,’ demanding the EU was ‘more like a home of pigeons,’ adding: ‘You can make certain she will be completely sheltered with us’.

Mr Tusk’s assumptions towards England’s new PM gave off an impression of being resounded by European pioneers as Mrs May kissed and grasped her partners in the European Committee chamber today, including EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Be that as it may, Mr Hollande, envisioned swaying his finger at Mrs May today, cautioned as he touched base in Brussels: ‘I say solidly; if Madame Theresa May needs a hard Brexit, at that point talks will be hard as well.’

His remarks were set to be met by a correspondingly rebellious message from Mrs May, who is set to reveal to European pioneers sticking to the thought England will remain in the EU that the submission is irreversible.

At a supper with her European partners today around evening time she will smash suggestions made by some senior Eurocrats that Brexit will never happen.

In what were probably going to be tense talks, she was set to state that the English individuals have talked noisy and clear and there will be no descending into sin or second choice.

Be that as it may, on her entry in Belgium Mrs May looked to console EU pioneers that England is not trying to annihilate their venture and revealed to her partners that the UK will ‘assume a full part until the point when we leave and will be a solid and reliable accomplice after we’ve cleared out’.

Mr Tusk endeavored to set an agreeable tone for the summit, which will just address Brexit in a casual way as official arrangements can’t start until the point that England has activated Article 50 next spring.

He said: ‘Let me say I’ll be extremely upbeat to welcome Head administrator Theresa May today.

‘A few media have depicted her initially meeting in the European Committee as entering the lion’s cave. It’s not valid.

Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed a string of EU pioneers to his own Brexit summit in Brussels weeks before Theresa May opens formal arrangements with Brussels over England’s takeoff.

As Theresa May went to her first EU summit as Head administrator today, the Work pioneer took after her to Brussels to meet with his kindred European communist pioneers.

Mr Corbyn said his option summit ahead of schedule one year from now will demonstrate there’s an alternate ‘path forward in Europe’ to the Tory Government’s “disorganized” plans for leaving the EU.

The veteran left-winger met four EU Head administrators today, who revealed to him they were ‘more than baffled’ with the English Government’s way to deal with Brexit up until now.

Mr Corbyn, who was re-chosen Work pioneer a month ago, swore to ‘work to secure occupations and laborers’ rights’ with his European accomplices.

Be that as it may, the Tories hit out at Mr Corbyn’s gets ready for an option EU summit.

Moderate MP Maria Caulfield said: ‘If Jeremy Corbyn was not kidding about making an accomplishment of leaving the EU he would get behind the PM’s transaction – not attempt and talk England down from the sidelines.

‘The Moderate Party are focused on making an accomplishment of Brexit – Work need to defer it, discourage it and subvert the will of the English individuals.’

‘It’s more similar to a home of pigeons. Simply take a gander at me, I believe it’s self-evident.

‘You can make certain she will be totally protected with us and I’m certain she’ll understand the EU is as yet the best organization on the planet.’

Inquired as to whether there would be any possibility EU pioneer may talk casually before the activating of Article 50, Mr Tusk stated: ‘In no way, shape or form. We won’t talk about our future arrangements with her, it’s likewise a demand from Theresa May that we require today just a short data about her aims and not exchanges, not pre-transactions.

‘We need to sit tight for the formal choice on Article 50.’

The Brussels meeting of each of the 28 EU pioneers will bind the exchange about Brexit to the ‘starter course’ of a working supper, in what some will see as a reprimand to the UK.

Be that as it may, Number 10 demanded it was casual about the choice. The fundamental thing on the plan will be the forceful conduct of Russia, authorities said.

Touching base in Brussels at noon today, Mrs May censured Russian hostility in Syria and said it demonstrated the requirement for the UK and the EU to demonstrate a ‘hearty and joined European position’.

She stated: ‘The UK has put Russian activities in Syria on the motivation for this summit; we should keep on working together and it’s crucial that we cooperate to keep on putting weight on Russia to stop its horrifying barbarities, its sickening monstrosities in Syria.’

With Brexit a sideline issue at the summit, other EU pioneers have made it clear they will decline to examine the terms of England’s exit, for example, restricting migration – until Article 50 is activated in Spring.

Authorities said that, by and by, Mrs May had a solid message to convey.

A week ago, European Board president Donald Tusk raised, when confronted with the truth that leaving the EU will be difficult for England, the submission result could be put aside.

He stated: ‘On the off chance that you inquire as to whether there is any contrasting option to this awful situation, I might want to disclose to you that yes, there is. As I would like to think, the main genuine contrasting option to a ‘hard Brexit’ is ‘no Brexit’. Regardless of the possibility that today barely anybody puts stock in such a probability.’

Helpers said Mrs May will tell kindred EU pioneers the ‘English individuals have settled on their choice and it is correct and appropriate that choice is regarded’.

A No 10 source stated: ‘There has been a sense there is still some level headed discussion in specific quarters of the EU on whether it may even now be conceivable [that England remains an individual from the EU].

‘The PM has been totally evident this is not the situation, however this is an open door for her to state that to the various pioneers since we now should be concentrating on what’s to come. That is a future with the UK outside of the EU.’

Independently, Mrs May will strike a propitiatory tone, revealing to her partners she needs to leave the Brussels club without “harming” the EU and remaining individuals.

She will confer England to remaining a ‘solid accomplice’ of the EU – and will promise that, until the point that we are out, the UK will remain a ‘mindful, dynamic and connected with part’. This implies proceeding to pour an expected £10billion a year into the EU’s coffers and permitting free development of transient specialists.

Recently, it was accounted for that German chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration is teaching authorities to keep away from any secondary passage contacts that could hand the UK preference in exchange talks.

They are adhering to an official line that no arrangements can occur until Article 50 is activated.

Work pioneer Jeremy Corbyn took after Mrs May to Brussels today to hold gatherings with his kindred European communist pioneers.

He utilized his visit to report that he is welcoming a string of EU pioneers to his own Brexit summit in Brussels weeks before the PM opens formal transactions with Brussels over England’s takeoff.

Mr Corbyn said his option summit right on time one year from now will demonstrate there’s an alternate ‘route forward in Europe’ to the Tory Government’s “disordered” plans for leaving the EU.

The veteran left-winger met four EU Head administrators today, who revealed to him they were ‘more than baffled’ with the English Government’s way to deal with Brexit up until now.

Mr Corbyn, who was re-chosen Work pioneer a month ago, vowed to ‘work to ensure occupations and laborers’ rights’ with his European accomplices.

In the interim, the director of the European Parliament’s remote undertakings advisory group guaranteed serves accountable for Brexit have ‘no clue about their arrangement’. German MEP Elmar Brok said the “truth” had ‘not landed’ in London and a ‘sensible arrangement’ was required. EU negotiators are stressed over the unfriendly response Mrs May could get.

A senior English government source said authorities in Brussels were looking to quiet pressures.

Mrs May will address the gathering for around 10 to 15 minutes toward the begin of the supper. The source stated: ‘I think some will react, and some will feel incited to react … staff working for Donald Tusk are likely doing a ring around to state … we don’t need two hours on the English inquiry amidst Thursday night.’ The source said some EU nations were furious about recommendations set out by Home Secretary Golden Rudd to confine the quantity of outside laborers in the UK.

Be that as it may, he included: ‘They are communicating intense messages on no transactions without warning, they need to sound spine-chilling about the ramifications of a hard Brexit.’

Mrs May will likewise call for new activity against Europe’s transient emergency upstream. She needs more done to stop individuals making the excursion to the EU in any case.

It is “incomprehensible” that MPs would be denied a vote on the result of Theresa May’s transactions to remove the UK from the EU, the recently chose director of the Place of Hall Brexit panel has said.

After his race by MPs on Wednesday, Hilary Benn clarified that he will utilize the part to press the Executive to uncover more data about her arranging position and to give MPs a vote on her goals in the two-year talks and the arrangement she in the long run accomplishes.

The Work MP – who sponsored Stay in the EU choice – approached Mrs May to move quickly to secure a transitional arrangement which can come into compel when the UK leaves, to keep a ‘precipice edge’ interruption to exchange if a long haul course of action has not been come to.

Addressing the Today program, Mr Benn stated: ‘I am evident that Parliament will need to have a say, both in investigating what the arranging design is the point at which it is distributed – and taking a view on it – additionally Parliament will need to take a decisio

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