Stainless steel panels on 1BILLION railway station are being painted over after only a year because taxi drivers say they are ‘too shiny’

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Stainless steel boards on a billion-pound railroad station are being painted over after just a year since they are excessively sparkling.

Cabbies say that daylight reflecting off the Birmingham New Road building is hazardously diverting.

Objections have additionally been raised that the boards are considering warmth to encompassing structures.

Board organizers affirmed the therapeutic work, saying it was is ‘the best and plausible treatment’. The report included, be that as it may, that ‘applying the dulling treatment to the exterior boards was not perfect’.

One segment due to be conditioned down is over a taxi rank, while the other is a bended range over another taxi drop off point on the inverse side of the building.

Grievances have likewise been raised that the stainless steel boards act like a mirror and reflect warm onto the encompassing structures.

Arranging has now been endorsed to tone down the two ranges of the lower level.

A System Rail representative stated: ‘The change of Birmingham New Road station keeps on positively affecting the downtown area and these little changes to specific areas of the cladding will guarantee there is no negative effect on organizations or inhabitants close-by.

‘We will now design the work to be finished as fast and securely as could reasonably be expected while causing minimal measure of interruption.’

Councilor Tahir Ali stated: ‘Cabbies whined that the reflection was causing them issues when they were driving as should be obvious appropriately.’

The station, which gloats a John Lewis store, was opened by the Ruler and the Duke of Edinburgh last November following the billion-pound redevelopment.

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