Muslim Brothers 4 Life gang leader and serial phone smuggler Bassam Hamzy complains he’s being treated poorly in prison – because he has to pay $3 to call his lawyer

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Infamous NSW detainee and Siblings 4 Life author Bassam Hamzy says he is being dealt with unjustifiably as he is compelled to pay $3 a call to his legal counselors.

In two separate cases, Bassam Hamzy, who is serving a sentence for kill at Goulburn SuperMax, told the NSW Preeminent Court Remedial Administrations was focusing on him by denying him free access to his legal advisors, saying that such activities were unlawful.

‘I have been compelled to speak to myself,’ Hamzy told the court by means of video connect on Thursday.

Hamzy said the cost of telephone calls to his attorney were excessively for him to manage, and by not providing other free methods for correspondence he was being focused on.

He said the calls were $3 each and he couldn’t manage the cost of them unless the magistrate gave stores.

‘That is not something whatever other prisoner has,’  James Emmett, the attorney speaking to the chief, said.

Hamzy couldn’t get to the free sound video interface since he had not recorded an interest and his attorneys couldn’t visit him on the grounds that both had declined to experience criminal historical verifications, Mr Emmett said.

‘They don’t trust that legal advisors require criminal record checks,’ Hamzy said.

Equity Geoff Bellew said the issues raised issues that required considered contention and couldn’t be settled straight away and were therefore adjourned until November 11.

Equity Bellew requested Hamzy be given a tablet to looking into his case and permitted to make three pre-organized telephone calls to his attorney through the paid framework every week.

The cases by Hamzy come after he was gotten with a pirated cell phone in the state’s most astounding security imprison twice in two weeks in September.

A sniffer canine found the 3cm-long telephone inside the spine of a thriller novel in the library and a radio with adjustments to its inner wiring – a presumed endeavor to change the gadget into a charger.

Amid the second episode, Hamzy was found attempting to flush the telephone down the latrine when remedial administrations officers struck his Goulburn’s SuperMax jail cell.

Officers had expected this and had cut the water to his cell.

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