‘Am I a f****t?’: Shocking moment man is punched and slapped on a train after he is accused of using a homophobic slur against another passenger

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This is the stunning minute a man was beaten on a prepare in the wake of being blamed for utilizing a hostile to gay slur.

Sensational film has developed indicating one man punching another in the face after he obviously utilized the word ‘f****t’.

Video does not catch the minute the word is utilized, but rather it shows the fierce outcome that left one man seeping from various injuries.

It is trusted the film was caught amid the yearly Mardi Gras festivity in Sydney, Australia.

As the recording begins one man, wearing a dark vest top, can be seen squaring up to another man wearing red a blaming him for utilizing the derisive term.

Notwithstanding supplications from an eyewitness for the man in dark to ‘take a seat’, he keeps yelling at the man in red before lashing out.

He tosses a few punches at the other man’s head, backing him into the side of the prepare carriage as a group assembles.

At a certain point the man in red seems to wipe blood from under his nose before flicking it at his assailant, gaining himself another punch all the while.

The man is red appears to be contending with the other man, pointing his finger at him, however his words are quiet.

At a certain point he can be heard yelling: ‘Quiet down, nitwit,’ clearly coordinated at another man taking a seat who has additionally joined the contention.

As the prepare maneuvers into a station the man in dark yells: ‘Get the f*** off this prepare, c***.’

The other man includes: ‘When you call individuals f****t, we will f***ing obliterate your a**hole until the point when you take that s*** out.

‘Get out before we scratch your f***ing eyes out.’

The man agrees, however not before swapping  few more words with his assailants before venturing on to the stage.

The electronic sign on the prepare seems to demonstrate the recording was shot at Focal station, in Sydney’s CBD.

Minutes after the fact the recording removes as the two men come back to their seats.

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