Little girl had her $5000 hearing aid stolen by ‘scumbag’ burglars who preyed on families after New Zealand earthquake forced them from their homes

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Audacious hoodlums have focused on four properties after families were compelled to empty their homes in the midst of the lethal seismic tremor in New Zealand.

Melissa and Matt Factory, alongside their two youthful little girls Skyla and Alisha, were among the individuals who left their homes in the early hours of Monday morning.

At the point when the Christchurch group of-four returned, they found their house was scoured by inhumane plunderers, and their crippled little girl’s $5,000 portable amplifier gadget was stolen.

Alisha, 12, has hearing incapacities and she depends on a remote receiver framework that transmits voices to her listening ability aid, NZ Stuff detailed.

The distressed family thought they were ‘making the best choice’ by surging their kids to safety as Alisha likewise experiences strong dystrophy – meaning she can just walk short separations without a wheelchair.

‘It’s truly terrible. We took our family away to be protected and returned to the greater part of this – it’s recently annihilating,’ Ms Factory said.

Following the robbery, Alisha’s iPad was likewise stolen, alongside the family’s hardware, including the TV, GoPro and a Xbox support.

‘The electronic gadgets for Alisha, that is essential for her life since she can’t circled like these monkeys that have clearly come into our home – she can’t run like them,’ her mom said.

The family saw the robbers had gotten away from the scene in Mr Factory’s work vehicle with enlistment EPP79, which was stopped on the carport.

Mr Factory said he couldn’t get his head around the plundering after a size 7.8 seismic tremor focused north of Christchurch jarred the nation.

‘We’re recently gutted, we buckle down for what we have and gotten back home to this. [It’s] entirely baffling,’ he disclosed to NZ Stuff.

‘You’d think you’d simply have the capacity to exit and go out open and everybody’s getting to security yet no, it’s simply individuals out there that open door thumps and away they go, so ideally it returns and nibbles them one day.’

Their family home has been left wrecked, with garments scattered everywhere throughout the room floors.

Liberal contributors have effectively raised more than $12,500 for the family after a campaign was set up in an effort to supplant the family’s cherished belonging, including the hearing gadget for little Alisha.

Television One’s Breakfast moderator Hilary Barry has pummeled the “slime buckets” who gone after emptied homes in the early hours.

‘These individuals are total slime buckets… total bastards,’ she said.

Police are examining a spate of thefts that occurred and in addition managing the enormous tidy up ahead.

Specialists are additionally chasing for those in charge of three break-and-goes into in emptied houses.

The thefts ‘seem to have happened while individuals were emptied following the earthquakes’, Canterbury Locale Officer Director John Cost told the NZ Messenger.

‘Police will explore each report as regular and are completely sure we can manage ordinary wrongdoing and additionally the quake reaction and consolation,’ he included.

‘It is to a great degree disillusioning that in a period when individuals are confronting a horrendous accident, others choose to exploit this way,’ Mr Cost said.

Be that as it may, he encouraged individuals not to be deflected by the wrongdoings and to put their own security first.

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