Outgoing Senate Democratic leader says FBI chief cost Hillary the election – and calls him a ‘Republican operative’

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Law based Sen. Harry Reid, who is resigning this year and passing the initiative mallet to his partner Toss Schumer, knows exactly who to fault for Hillary Clinton’s polling booth crush: James Comey.

Reid says Clinton would be the president-elect if the FBI chief hadn’t played legislative issues.

‘There is no doubt in my mind she would have won this race with no issue if Comey had not been the Republican agent that he is,’ Reid said Thursday on MSNBC.

The Senate’s minority pioneer expressed: ‘He is the reason she lost the race.’

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Reid, 76, kept nothing down in the meeting, caught by The Slope, abrading Comey, a Barack Obama nominee with an ensured 10 years at work.

‘He can be fat and cheerful in his office there for seven more years in the wake of having tossed the decision to Donald Trump. In the event that he likes that — that is pleasant,’ Reid said.

Comey advised Congress 11 days before the race that the FBI was taking a gander at another cluster of messages that could be “relevant” to its examination – and left the nation hanging until two days before the race.

The FBI arrived at a similar conclusion that it did some time recently, that Clinton shouldn’t be indicted, and sent the Vote based chosen one on her happy way.

Clinton went ahead to win Reid’s home state – Nevada – where Democrats toppled an occupant Republican administrator in the U.S. Senate race. She exceeded Trump in national votes, as well, however came in second in the challenge on account of the Constituent School.

‘It’s anything but difficult to second-think about what Hillary did. I adore Hillary Clinton, I am sad she lost,’ Reid said on MSNBC. ‘I did all that I could to offer assistance.’

Clinton disclosed to her givers she trusts Comey cost her decision by meddling at a basic time.

‘There are heaps of reasons why a decision like this is not fruitful,’ she let them know. ‘Yet, our examination is that Comey’s letter raising questions that were unfounded, outlandish, ended up being, ceased our energy.’

‘Similarly as we were move down on the upward direction, the second letter from Comey basically doing what we knew it would—saying there was no there—was a genuine inspiration for Trump’s voters,’ she expressed.

Clinton conquered her underlying email embarrassment, moving in the surveys after the FBI cleared her of misusing ordered data. The second time around she wasn’t as blessed.

‘Trump spent the most recent four days of this battle occupied with a constant assault on me by and by, and the outcome is the outcome,’ she said amid the giver call.

Clinton made no say of Comey in a the general population concession discourse she conveyed a day in the wake of voting.

Of Trump she stated, ‘We owe him a receptive outlook and the opportunity to lead.’

President Barack Obama approached the nation to join behind their new president in comments he conveyed a few minutes after the fact.

Reid did not take it also.

He held up two days and said in articulation last Friday, ‘White patriots, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are observing Donald Trump’s triumph, while honest, well behaved Americans are wracked with fear.’

‘Watching white patriots celebrate while guiltless Americans sob tears of dread does not feel like America.’

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s battle supervisor, said the Democrat should tread precisely and called his remarks ‘staggeringly frustrating.’

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