Nul points! Eurovision singer’s 52,000 benefit scam is exposed by her Facebook wedding pics after Jemini star said she was a SINGLE mother to claim handouts

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Gemma Monastery discovered notoriety for all the wrong reasons.

As one portion of pop band Jemini, she famously scored ‘nul focuses’ for the UK in the 2003 Eurovision Melody Challenge – England’s most exceedingly awful ever result.

Recently, in any case, denoted another low point for the 35-year-old blonde, when she was sentenced fiddling £52,000 in benefits.

The artist had been guaranteeing charge credits as a single parent, however she unhinged when authorities discovered photographs of her getting hitched in the Mediterranean.

Liverpool Crown Court heard she had been making claims over her privilege since April 2009 in regard of her more youthful little girl, who has an ‘intense restorative condition’.

She likewise neglected to pronounce she had been co-habiting with Sean Creighton and – regardless of their wedding in the Algarve in 2013 – was all the while asserting to be a single parent when captured in August 2014.

Kevin Slack, arraigning, said neighbors had given a witness articulation saying Mr Creighton had moved into the artist’s home in 2010.

At the point when the £300,000 semi in Liverpool’s Mossley Slope was sought, police discovered Mr Creighton’s bank articulations were being conveyed there as were obligation accumulation letters.

Mr Slack included: ‘In 2013 the respondent and Mr Creighton participated in what was portrayed as a common blessing. Photos posted by her on Facebook demonstrated her wearing a white wedding dress at the service.

‘In any case, every year, the litigant reestablished her expense credit guarantee on the premise she remained a solitary parent.’

Mr Slack said the vocalist, now known as Creighton-Monastery, had additionally been over asserting expense credits for her more youthful little girl, who has a serious handicap.

Not long after her introduction to the world in 2009 the artist disclosed to HM Income and Traditions, which oversees the installments, that she was accepting the higher rate mind part of Incapacity Living Recompense from the Division for Work and Annuities to help take care of expenses related with her little girl’s condition.

This thus “swelled” the measure of assessment credits she was paid by HMRC.

Be that as it may, she didn’t make a difference for DLA until 17 months after the fact, and was granted a lower rate of installments than she had told HMRC.

Creighton-Convent told police she had not proclaimed Mr Creighton was living with her in light of the fact that their relationship had at first been ‘rough’.

David McLaghlan, safeguarding, said her ex-accomplice – the father of the seven-year-old and her other little girl matured nine – was not paying kid support, and that the respondent was ‘enduring discouragement and had begun to drink excessively’.

He contended that Creighton-Monastery, who had conceded two checks of misrepresentation, ought to be saved prison in light of her past great character and philanthropy work.

It is comprehended she works with an association helping under-advantaged youngsters and grown-ups into work.

The judge gave her a 30-week jail sentence, suspended for one year, in addition to a one-year supervision arrange.

The false advantages are to be recovered through derivations on her future installments.

Creighton-Nunnery was in Jemini with kindred Liverpudlian Chris Cromby.

Their off-key version of their melody, Unpleasant brat, in the Latvian capital Riga was England’s most exceedingly bad passage in 47 years of participating in Eurovision.

The previous evening HMRC stated: ‘This operation strikingly outlines how HMRC and the Office for Function and Annuities are cooperating against advantage extortion, sending a solid message to any individual who thinks advantage misrepresentation adequate.’

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