Missing newborn monkey is found alive and well and on its way back to its mother after thieves broke into a zoo stole a group of the rare animals

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The infant monkey stolen from a natural life stop has been found and is headed back to its mom, while the scan for alternate monkeys proceed.

Police ceased a vehicle driving in Appin, south of Sydney, and looked through the auto four-week-old dwarf marmoset alive.

The two men in the auto were captured and taken to the Campbelltown Police headquarters for additionally addressing.

Then, the area of the other two monkeys Sophia, matured one, and the infant’s dad Gomez, 10, is as yet obscure.

The monkeys have been lost since Saturday morning after they were stolen from the Symbio Natural life Stop in Helensburgh.

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Staff at the untamed life stop in Helensburgh were stunned to find the Dwarf Marmoset walled in area had been broken into and three of the monkeys had been gone up against Saturday morning.

Officers landed at the scene at 8am to discover the passage into the walled in area was constrained.

The three monkeys taken were the father Gomez, 10, a one-year-old called Sophie, and a four-week-old who is yet to be named.

Stop operations manager at Symbio Zoo, Ryan Leahy, revealed to Every day Mail Australia the cheats were immediate in their burglary, taking just three monkeys and not vandalizing or taking whatever else.

‘The recreation center has adequate security all through the limits and the show, yet they unmistakably figured out how to break their way through the underlying entryway, Mr Leahy said.

He included: ‘The mother (monkey) is unmistakably focused on in light of the fact that half of her family is not with her and this has shaken up the greater part of the staff.’

The untamed life stop has requested its Facebook devotees to share their post of the missing monkey, with a significant number of them leaving remarks communicating their incredulity.

One man composed: ‘What isn’t right with individuals nowadays… furthermore, how dumb… taking a four-week-old infant that can just get by with its mom… low lifes.’

A lady remarked: ‘Whoever has taken them, please simply give them back or even take them to a vet to be brought together with their family. That small child needs its mum.

‘I can’t trust this! I’m trusting they get returned securely to the natural life stop! I’m imploring they’re alright’ another composed.

No witnesses have approached yet and police are speaking to general society for offer assistance.

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