Pictured: Horrific injuries a woman suffered after an ‘African man’ broke into her home and kissed and bit her ‘like a piece of meat’ as she slept next to her partner and baby

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The irritating wounds endured by a lady after an African man broke into her home and sexually struck her as she rested beside her accomplice and infant would now be able to be uncovered.

The 21-year-old casualty was sleeping in her bed at home when Lang Kouth, 21, softened up and began forcefully kissing her on the lips, neck, face, and touching her genital region – all while the couple’s 17-month-old child dozed at the foot of the bed.

The youthful mother was left severely battered and wounded from the rape which occurred at her Cranbourne North home in Victoria, July 24.

In a photograph, she uncovers the degree of the wounds – including a vast darker wound stamped on the left half of her neck.

Look down for video.

‘She was wounded dark, wounded dark all down her jawline, all down her neck. He had nibbled her like she was a bit of meat,’ a relative told Hurray.

She and her accomplice were left so disturbed and damaged by the assault, neither of them have talked about it since – declining to put forth casualty affect expressions in court.

‘She must live with that for whatever is left of her life. She dozes in the parlor since she wouldn’t like to go to the next end of the house,’ the relative said.

Lang Kouth broke into the lady’s home, in Cranbourne North, Victoria, on July 24 with the aim of taking an auto.

In any case, rather he went into the youthful couple’s room, evacuated his shoes and moved into bed before striking the lady.

Still half snoozing, the she pushed him far from her, trusting he was her better half at the time.

In any case, when she felt the man’s hair and acknowledged it was a more unusual, she started shouting and woke her accomplice, who was still sleeping close to her.

When he stirred to the outsider in his bed, he pursued the man out of the house.

Kouth was 20-years of age and inebriated at the season of the aggravating home intrusion, the court listened.

Kouth was condemned to four years and four months imprison in Melbourne court on Tuesday for the disturbed robbery and rape.

Judge Tinney said the youthful mother’s involvement of awakening in her own bed with an outsider over her was ‘the stuff of bad dreams’ – particularly in light of the fact that the youthful child was in the room at the time.

Despite the fact that Judge Tinney stressed a grown-up jail may assist “degenerate” Kouth, he said he expected to send a boisterous and clear message that the court would not endure this kind of conduct.

Kouth will serve no less than two years and three months of his four years and four month sentence before being qualified for parole.

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