Man convicted of fatally stabbing married pregnant woman he met on Craigslist for sex gets two life sentences

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An Oklahoma man indicted lethally cutting a wedded pregnant lady he met on Craigslist for sex was condemned Friday to serve two back to back sentences of life in jail without the likelihood of parole.

Jaymie Adams, 25, disappeared in December 2011 in the wake of going to meet with a customer for sex. Her dead body was found in a lush territory of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma about a month later, with 29 cut injuries.

Joseph Richard Cyr, now 35, was booked to meet Adams the night she disappeared. In October, he was discovered blameworthy of two include of first-degree kill Adams’ demise and her unborn tyke.

Oklahoma Province Area Judge Cindy Truong condemned Cyr as per the jury’s picked disciplines, The Oklahoman revealed.

Amid the trial, the casualty’s significant other Justin, now 29, tended to the jury to talk about his better half’s prostitution.

The couple hitched in February 2011, and it was in May 2011 that Jaymie posted her first promotion on Craigslist as a whore.

From that point forward, her better half said he began creating advertisements for his significant other and driving her to meet customers.

One post from 2011 read: ‘I am giving any eager man a chance to come and have his way with my better half with a little remuneration for us to help with our vacation subsidizing we require. So if this sounds hot and amusing to you then simply email me. We have an inn for the night and can have for anybody.’

Justin said that the prostitution was an approach to profit yet that he now laments his choice to help his significant other in the attempt.

He additionally uncovered that the prior night Jaymie disappeared, she said she was thinking in regards to ceasing prostitution since she was two months pregnant.

‘We had no other decision. It was something we fell into to pay bills.

‘Neither one of us truly delighted in what she was doing… It was belittling towards her. The cash was awesome yet it wasn’t worth what it was doing to us.

He added: ‘I feel like on the off chance that I would have done everything diverse, on the off chance that I wouldn’t have consented to it… at that point she would in any case be here.’

Prosecutors said Cyr wounded Jaymie to death not long after 12 pm on December 20, 2011  -the day she vanished.

Her body was discovered a month later, dumped close Lake Stanley Draper with 29 cut injuries covering her body.

DNA found on her cadaver drove examiners to Cyr, who guaranteed that he orchestrated to meet Jaymie that night however never appeared.

Amid the trial against Cyr, the jury of 13 ladies and one man were taken to the region where Jaymie’s mangled body was found on January 7, 2012.

They were additionally indicated grisly photos of the wrongdoing scene and Jaymie’s wound secured body.

Jaymie’s significant other was initially accused of first-degree kill in her demise also, to support her unlawful prostitution business.

In any case, that was later minimized to first-degree murder. Justin confessed to that charge in 2014 and was condemned to 10 years of probation.

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