Dodgy Duke divorces his third wife – on FACEBOOK: Scandal-loving aristocrat launches extraordinary rant accusing his partner of hiring someone to run him over and claiming she can no longer use her title

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The Duke of Manchester has reported his partition from his third spouse after an odd Facebook post blaming her for savagery.

Alexander Montagu, the thirteenth Duke of Manchester, guaranteed his American spouse Laura had cut him with a kitchen cut and contracted a somebody to run him over.

His most recent online networking tirade comes five years after the 53-year-old was uncovered as a polygamist in the High Court in London.

The privileged person, nicknamed the ‘Dodgy Duke’ due to his shameful past, was conceived in Australia however now lives in Las Vegas.

He is one of just 24 individuals outside the Regal Family to hold the title of Duke in the UK, acquiring the title in August 2002 after the passing of his dad.

He composed on Facebook: ‘My spouse, who claims she cherishes me, cut my thumb.’

He included: ‘Laura Smith my significant other and self have Seperated and are petitioning for Separation Laura has backpedaled to her birth name and is never again the Duchess of Manchester on the off chance that she Endeavors to utilize the title she will be COMITING Extortion [sic]’.

Notwithstanding, it has now been uncovered that police exploring the incident arrested and charged him for putting forth a false expression and he has been set under house capture until his trial.

Montagu spent a large portion of his youth in Australia – his mom was Australian – where he was later indicted extortion and ambush.

He is no more unusual to discussion after the High Court decided in 2011 that his kids could acquire his domain and fortune.

This was in spite of his contention that his child and little girl ought not profit since his marriage to their mom, Ms Buford was void.

In August this year, the lewd noble was accused of robbery subsequent to being captured in Las Vegas.

He wedded Australian model Marion Stoner in 1984, yet the marriage just kept going months after he supposedly pointed a lance firearm at her.

In 1985, he was indicted extortion in Australia, serving nine months for getting cash by duplicity and in 1991 he got another conviction for contracting a rental auto in one state and pitching it to another.

He was additionally extradited from Canada after illicitly entering the nation and was likewise said to have erroneously guaranteed to be 52nd in line to the royal position and the second cousin of Princess Diana.

He wedded second spouse Wendy Buford in 1993, yet found in 1996 he wasn’t separated from his first wife.

They had two youngsters together yet separated in 2007 and he wedded third spouse Laura Smith.

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