Pit bull kills a small dog in front of its horrified owner while she helplessly cries for it to stopin Los Angeles

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This is the minute a canine proprietor cried weakly as she watched a pit bull off its chain kill her little pet.

Spectators assembled to watch with sickening apprehension as an expansive pit bull violently murdered a little white puppy before its proprietor in Los Angeles.

The proprietor begged the creature to not execute her pet but rather she could do nothing to prevent the pit bull from gnawing her pooch in the neck.

In the video a little white puppy is still on the ground as a dark pit bull remains over it.

The puppy had wounds close to its back legs and neck where the bigger canine had nibbled it.

The proprietor – who is as yet holding the rope of her dead puppy – cries as she begs the creature to allow her pet to sit unbothered.

She says: ‘Please get off her! Allow her to sit unbothered! Leave!’

As the pit bull sinks its teeth into the still puppy’s neck, she begins shouting louder.

The man taping the video from his auto presents an expansive protest another passerby to shoo the creature away.

The canine pursues off it is frightened off, leaving the proprietor to cry over her pet’s body.

She says she doesn’t comprehend what to do as individuals attempt to reassure her.

The man shooting drives around and appears to discover the pit bull’s proprietor and educated him of what the puppy had done.

The proprietor –  who appeared to be remaining in a tent outside – addressed in the event that it was the correct pooch.

He had two pit bulls that were circling the territory without chains on.

Toward the finish of the video two authorities were seen moving toward the man who appeared to claim the pit bulls.

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