Naked woman steals Arizona deputy’s pickup truck and leads police on a wild 100MPH chase before crashing

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A stripped lady stole an Arizona sheriff’s vehicle Thursday and drove officers on a 75-mile rapid pursue on two thruways before she slammed and was arrested, authorities said.

The interest started just before 9am after the unidentified lady took off in a Maricopa District sheriff’s delegate’s pickup truck at a service station in Gila Curve along Interstate 8.

The pursuit, which on occasion achieved speeds upward of 100mph, arrived at an end on Interstate 10 close Eloy, sheriff’s representative Check Casey said.

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The delegate and the lady were harmed yet starting reports showed their wounds were not genuine.

One of the truck’s tires was destroyed after state troopers supposedly set down spike strips to stop it, sending it flying into a middle.

News outlets, among them KPHO, detailed that the lady drove the wrong route on I-8 for a period yet Casey said he couldn’t affirm that.

Casey advised correspondents the delegate reacted to the Shell corner store in light of an administration call about a lady who causing an unsettling influence and not wearing any garments.

At the point when the officer moved toward the lady, she revealed to him she had been sexually struck.

Authorities say when the representative went inside the service station to discover something to cover the naked lady, she bounced in his pickup truck and dashed off, as indicated by 12News.

The agent flung himself onto the vehicle in an offered to stop the lady however fell and endured wounds.

A Decent Samaritan who was driving by the service station at the time saw the episode and offered the representative to utilize their vehicle to take after the stolen pickup truck, announced Fox 10 Phoenix.

In the mean time, the speculate sped east on Interstate 8 and later attempted to proceed onto Interstate 10, where she lurched into another vehicle; the effect sent the stolen truck flying into the clean secured middle.

At the point when the lady escaped the truck, officers sent a non-deadly ‘shock sack’ to stifle her,

News outlets demonstrated the minute the suspect was stacked on a stretcher into the back of a holding up ambulance. Sheriff’s authorities say she could confront different charges.

Eastward I-10 was shut at Eloy for around a hour after the pursuit finished.

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