‘F*** you and your hamster Lisa’: The shocking moment a man ‘flushes his ex’s pet hamster down the toilet’ in act of revenge

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A stunning video of a man evidently flushing a hamster down a latrine is being shared on the web.

Posted on Twitter by client @ClutchLikeRomo the clasp demonstrates a man venturing into a hamster’s pen and getting the vulnerable creature.

He quickly tosses it into the latrine and presses the flush.

Alongside the video the man tweeted: ‘My ex gave me a pet hamster for Christmas and undermined me F*** YOU AND YOUR HAMSTER LISA YOU W**RE.’

The awful video has been met by many answers on the online networking website.

Individuals have been appalled by the evident demonstration of savagery and others have contended about whether or not hamsters can swim.

It is not clear where the video was recorded but rather it has been shared loads of times.

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