What the flock? Eerie video shows a huge swarm of blackbirds hovering in the sky above a Houston freeway

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A creepy video demonstrates the minute a large number of blackbirds plummeted upon voyagers along an expressway in Houston.

A driver caught the dreadful sight as the feathered creatures taken off through a dull dim sky.

In the video, the feathered creatures gave off an impression of being flying in a snake-like arrangement as they swarmed over autos entering and leaving the city.

The video indicated activity moved down on one side of the turnpike as autos backed off on the opposite side because of the swooping feathered creatures.

A portion of the fluffy animals were additionally observed roosted over the bond divider.

Others were spotted arriving on the parkway close to the middle.

At a certain point, a couple of them flew ideal over the windshield of the individual recording the video.

The rush of flying creatures resembled a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 blood and guts movie, The Winged creatures.

In Hitchcock’s popular great a huge number of feathered creatures threatened the residential community of Bodega Straight.

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