Tesla owner is held at gunpoint by police who thought he was kidnapping a child when he put them in the trunk – where the back seats are located

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A man was compelled to give a showing of how his Tesla’s rearward sitting arrangements function after he was held at gunpoint for “seizing” a tyke.

A bystander called police on the man, who has not been distinguished, in the wake of seeing him stack a youngster into what they thought was the storage compartment of his auto in Newhall, California – around 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

At the point when cops touched base on the scene – with weapons drawn – they rushed to understand the mistake after the man clarified what was really going on.

Instead of capturing a kid, he was placing them in the secondary lounge of his Tesla Show S. The Model S has ‘raise confronting seats’ in the storage compartment of the auto, intended to include two more seats when required.

They overlap out from the floor, and can fit two individuals. The element has been accessible since 2013.

Nearby police who reacted to the get down on about February 4 clarified the setback from their perspective.

‘It was not a seizing,’ Santa Clause Clarita Valley Police Office Lt. Ransack Hahnlein told the Santa Clause Clarita Valley Flag.

‘The new Teslas have an odd secondary lounge and when they put the (kid) in the rearward sitting arrangement it appeared as though they were placing them in the storage compartment.’

Hahnlein would not apologize for the part police played in the episode, saying the officers were doing their occupation.

‘Will research (a grabbing) and confine whoever until the point when we make sense of that it is not a wrongdoing,’ he said.

‘We’re not Tesla specialists.’

As peculiar as the episode sounds, it is not simply the first run through a driver found in a comparative circumstance.

In 2015, police were likewise called after a man saw his neighbor putting his little girl in the back of the auto – however confused it for a seizing or type of youngster mishandle.

At the point when police touched base on this event they didn’t draw their firearms, and the man could show his little girl was essentially sat in a seat and not being stole.

The back confronting seat include is a discretionary additional accessible to drivers.

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