Florida man’s gun drops from his clothing, discharges and a bullet hits a fellow customer at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Saturday morning

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A South Florida man whose firearm dropped from his garments and released in a doughnut shop is confronting a carelessness charge.

A shot hit a 55-year-old lady, who was taken to a doctor’s facility for treatment of non-life-undermining wounds.

Randy Barroso, 38, handed himself over Saturday after he had left the scene of the shooting in a Dunkin’ Doughnuts shop in Coconut Rivulet, around 40 miles north of Miami.

The shooting happened around 8.30am, NBC6 revealed.

Criminologists said he was agreeable and gave an announcement that the shooting was inadvertent.

Look down for video

Barroso was captured for at fault carelessness and his bond was set at $500.

Experts say he has a disguised convey allow and doesn’t have a criminal record.

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