Slush puppy! Adorable search and rescue dog slides down California’s Heavenly Mountain in Lake Tahoe

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Here’s one pooch that knows how to appreciate a function break!

A humorous video demonstrating a torrential slide safeguard canine named Truckee getting a charge out of an easygoing body slide down a mountain has transformed into a viral hit.

In the zen-like clasp, posted by his handler Chris Youngster, the five-year-old dark Labrador Retriever is seen getting a charge out of a comfortable skim down a snow-secured mountain, utilizing only his own particular fuzzy body as a sled.

The 19 second trek happens on a sunny day, against the stunning background of Lake Tahoe, California’s Wonderful Mountain Resort.

Truckee commences his perky slide by dropping himself down onto his stomach and assembling speed by pushing off against the snow with his rear legs.

When he’s at an agreeable, tail-swaying cruising speed, he continues to move over onto his side and smoothly advance down and over the mountain, before flipping himself back upright and coming to a standstill.

By and large, Truckee goes around 200 feet down the mountain in this design, reports KTLA.

Truckee’s slide has been seen more than 1.7million times since Tyke posted the video last Thursday evening.

Previously, Kid has additionally posted video of Truckee and kindred resort pooches, tongue swaying as they ride a seat lift.

Truckee’s typical mountain obligations incorporate watching regions of the mountain to ensure there aren’t any visitors waiting in the territory and taking part in instructional courses where he works on finding live “casualties” covered in snow gives in underneath the surface, as per Superb Mountain’s blog.

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