‘Are you filming this?’ Heavily-tattooed man grabs young cyclist by the neck after spotting him riding his ‘stolen’ bike outside a supermarket

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An intensely inked man who says his bike was stolen movies the minute he snatches a youthful rider by the neck recover it.

The recording, which was transferred to Facebook, demonstrates the Perth man holding the arm of a young fellow outside an IGA store who is wearing a blue bike head protector.

The man is heard saying: ‘Are you taping this?’ and afterward asks the kid what his name is while he has hold of his arm so he can’t get away.

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The kid answers with his initially name and after that must be provoked by the man to uncover his surname also.

The man, who now has gotten him by the back of his shirt, at that point pushes him away and says to him ‘Get the f*** out of here.’

He is then observed wheeling his recuperated bike away.

In a remark under the video the man composed: ‘My bicycle got stolen at the beginning of today and it’s frustrating to know there are individuals out there just to cause inconvenience… be that as it may, on the other side it’s astounding to know there are such a large number of astonishing individuals out there bailing each other out’.

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