Two men and one woman are arrested for the ‘ongoing sexual abuse of Colorado girl, 8, for the past two years’

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Two men and one lady have been captured regarding the affirmed continuous sexual mishandle of an eight-year-old Colorado young lady.

Victor White, 56, Mario Dominguez, 26, and Cristal Middleton, 21, were altogether captured regarding a confused rape case, the Colorado Agency of Examination said on Thursday.

They are generally confronting different charges identified with the continuous rape going back to late 2015, of an eight-year-old female from South Fork, Colorado.

Examiners won’t discharge insights about the association with the casualty and the suspects keeping in mind the end goal to ensure her character. The wrongdoings occurred at a South Fork flat intricate.

Every one of the three suspects are right now all being held at the Rio Grande District Prison on different bond sums, detailed the Denver Post.

White, of Del Norte, Colorado, is being hung on $150,000 bond; Dominguez, additionally of Del Norte, Colorado, is being hung on $175,000 bond; and Middleton is being held at a $100,000 safeguard.

As per the report, the Colorado Agency of Examination was asked by South Fork Police to help with a complex rape examination, in November 2016.

Authorities are as yet researching if there are more casualties.

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