Cyclist launches road rage attack calling driver a ‘f***ing lunatic’ and ‘terrorist’ after the car failed to stop at a pedestrian crossing

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Film from an auto’s dashcam has uncovered the minute a driver was manhandled by a cyclist riding over a person on foot crossing.

The recording begins with a recording of the auto driving down a rural road in Canberra.

As the auto is moving toward the passerby crossing from a separation a man crosses, however after that it gives off an impression of being clear.

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As the driver comes nearer anyway, he is compelled to draw to an unexpected stop when a cyclist all of a sudden shows up from his privilege.

The driver is heard shouting: ‘Gracious, sad!’

In any case, the cyclist responds irately and says: ‘Goodness that is okay, you practically executed me!’

‘You’re a f***ing insane person,’ the cyclist then yells. ‘How about that?’

The driver of the auto is heard challenging, saying: ‘I halted for you and I said I’m sad’ yet the cyclist is as of now riding without end.

As the man drives off he is heard saying ‘F*** you’.

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