‘Godfather of Grass’: Notorious drug dealer, 73, who ran the ‘Cornbread Mafia’ is deported from Canada to face federal pot charges in native US

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An incredible criminal known as the ‘Back up parent of Grass’ who vanished very nearly 10 years prior is being held in a Vermont jail.

John Robert “Johnny” Boone, 73, was extradited from Canada on Wednesday and is being held in Burlington, Vermont following eight years on the lam.

Boone was swung over to U.S. specialists by Canadian authorities at the Highgate Springs port of section, and a government judge requested him held in Vermont until the point that he can be come back to his home territory of Kentucky, Delegate U.S. Marshal John Curtis said.

The septuagenarian druglord was initially sentenced in the 1980s and spent 10 years in jail for what prosecutors called the ‘biggest household pot syndicate in American history.’ They said he was the leader of the Cornbread Mafia, which had 29 cultivates in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin.

In the long run, 70 Kentucky occupants associated with the wrongdoing syndicate were accused of growing 182 tons of maryjane.

Amid Boone’s 1988 government court condemning hearing he summoned the hardships of the range where he lived southeast of Louisville.

‘With the neediness at home, maryjane is once in a while something that puts bread on the table,’ Boone said. ‘We were working with our hands on earth God gave us.’

Boone, who was included on the Network program America’s Most Needed and started a Facebook page called Run, Johnny, Run, has been depicted as an inked Santa Clause Claus.

Government specialists who hunt down him said that demonstrated as troublesome as ‘attempting to get an apparition.’

Boone, otherwise called the Ruler of Pot, fled to Canada after a 2008 prosecution on more government weed charges in Kentucky.

He was needed by U.S. Marshals after they seized more than 2,400 cannabis plants from his Kentucky homestead in August 2008.

Experts had attempted various circumstances to get the street pharmacist throughout the years – yet bombed each time.

Be that as it may, they were at long last ready to get their man on December 22.

Boone was captured by Canadian cops in a residential area outside of Montreal, after they got data prompting his capture.

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